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The best product filter solution out there
My client has 16 different models of their simple flip phone with different feature sets. We needed a way for the user to choose which features they wanted or didn't want in their phone, and then the results display the models with those features. Barn2's product was by far the most user-friendly and came with a lot of support materials that made it easy to set up. I would definitely recommend this for your e-commerce shop!
Great support!
Thank you Adrian!
A fantastic experience and highly recommended
I highly recommend this WooCommerce Product Filters plugin (Barn2) because I tried several product filters, but those did not fulfill my requirements according to my own wishes, unfortunately. I found the Barn2 WooCommerce Product Filters through my search, studied the documents, and watched the YouTube videos of this plugin. Really, this product filters plugin met my requirements. Especially, the Barn2 support team is very great and professional. It is a great plugin and very useful for my e-commerce website. Wishing the best for the 5 stars
Exactly what we were looking for.
This filter is doing just what we needed. I struggled to find a filter which would work well with our product variations but this one has been working well for us. The support team has been very helpful and responsive. Would definitely recommend..
Great support!
The Barn2 support team has been really responsive with a couple of issues we ran into with the plugin, working quickly to fix and rolling out a patched version, which solved our issues! It's a great plugin, and has proven a great help to our store!
AMAZING Support!!
We ran into a small compatibility issue with our theme and the Barn2 support team was fast and efficient in patching the issue and releasing a new version that helped us out tremendously!! We can't wait to keep using this plugin and also add it to other sites we're working on!
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WooCommerce Product Filters

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