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Perfect solution for B2B, client-access only WooCommerce stores!
I've been waiting to find this plugin for a long time, and it's everything I ever needed it to be! Not only does it hide the information from view and from search until you're logged in, but it also will hide Woocommerce-related widgets as well, allowing you to add links into navigation areas that the public won't see but your logged-in users can! Absolutely brilliant, straightforward, and easy to use - would give this another 5 stars if I could!!
Don't look anywhere else, this is what you've been waiting for
I'd give it ten stars if I could. We put our website on hold for 15 months trying to find a plugin that would work for us. We found this one, no issues installing it, support is amazing. I wasted a lot of time on other plugins, please do yourself a favor get this one and save yourself a lot of headaches and money.
Works great!
Super fast install and setup, works like a charm. Store was instantly hidden across the entire site, and then upon plugin deactivation came right back up.
Bought the plugin without hesitation
Like every plugin that I download, I didn't have any problem for the setting. It Works great, I watched a video before buy it for know how it works and be sure. That was exactly what I needed for my private store. Thanks!
Excellent support and good working plugin
This plugin does what it says it will do and the setup was very easy, especially after watching the videos. Email support was fantastic as I had a few quirks and customization things I wanted to do that they provided solutions for right away. Highly recommended!
Better then i expected
The plugin is great. Does everything that i wanted it to. where these guys shine though is through their support. After having problems with the plugin in a very short time they sent me a solution to fix the problem. Well done guys!!!
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WooCommerce Private Store

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