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Very polite, distinctive & professional support team
I was asked to leave a review for the WooCommerce Lead Time plugin and instead of doing nothing as I usually do, I am sitting down to review it. I am doing it not so much for the plugin that helped me to improve my business further, but because of the way this company and Katie work. Very polite, distinctive, and professional. The plugin gives what it is designed for: INFORMATION - a powerful keyword to modern business world. The plugin allows me to easily pass on information regarding availability and other info we want to a WooCommerce product. We also extended this information to be fed by our trading ERP program so magically everything is done in a fraction of time. These people are pros and most importantly: THEY LISTEN. Thank you Katie and your team. Regards, Georgios Ougiaroglou
Quick Support
Very good support to resolve a small issue, well done.
Nice and clean plugin that does the job!
I was searching for a lead time text management tool. This one is affordable with many options.
Only plugin I found that does this critical function
Really good plug-in, only reason I gave it 4 stars not 5 is because there is room for slight improvement. The improvement I forsee is the ability to bulk apply expected back in stock date to a batch of products. For example, let's say you have an order of 20 different product types arriving on a specific date, you would be able to apply expected back in stock date to all of them at once. Other than that, it's a great plug-in, simple to use does the job
Exactly What My Client Wanted
Ideal plugin for lead times for different products. Global or fine tune for individual products. Impressed by the excellent documentation - always helps. Was up and running in no time.
Great Plugin, Fantastic Support
I'm currently trialing this plugin for a client, and have already told them we need to buy the lifetime business package. It is lightweight, works beautifully and any questions that I've had have been answered instantly and comprehensively by Jae on the support team. I'll definitely be recommending Barn2 plugins to my other clients. Thanks guys. Dave
Just what we need!
We were looking for a plugin that would add the backorder lead time to different products, this plugin did just that, and the customer support is awesome - thank you!
Nice SAV
A very fast and efficient SAV! I had some problems with my activation key, within 2 hours, everything was fixed. Thanks to them for their reactivity. Besides, the plugin is great. It also works on a woocommerce marketplace without any plugin interference problem.
Does what it says on the tin.
Was looking for a plug-in that worked a little like something I saw on a site powered by Shopify and after searching I came across this little gem. It was easy to configure and it gives you the option to either set lead times globally or individually. I set mine globally then tweaked a few individually and as my site progresses I can see myself setting more individually. All in all a great little plugin that’s easy to configure and comes with a good price point.
Simple but effective
A simple plugin that just 'works' - I love the fact that you have the global option and can overwrite that for individual products as lead times alter (as they inevitably do). I couldn't believe that it wasn't something already built into WooCommerce, but hey-ho... :) Highly recommend this plugin and the friendly peeps at Barn2 Plugins (UK based too. So for me no waiting for different time zones to be on line, bonus!)
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WooCommerce Lead Time

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