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Very useful plugin and the best
The Posts Table Pro from Barn2 is the best of all. It has very useful functions. The support is very quick and warmly.
This works fantastically well for our Document Library. Great product and stellar support!
Superb Plugins and Team
No other Posts Table plugin on the market comes close to Posts Table Pro. It's hard for me to explain why and if you haven't had a few years of experience buying plugins, you won't fully understand. Basically, Barn2 cares deeply about what they put out. Their method to sell more plugins is to make the best plugins possible and let the plugins market themselves. Other authors create terrible plugins, but put thousands of dollars into marketing to make you believe their plugin is superior. In this WordPress plugin ecosystem, I would argue it's only about 10-14 must-have plugins in your arsenal. Posts Table Pro is one of them.
Amazing Support!
This plugin has some of the best documentation I've come across in a WordPress plugin. It can be a bit confusing because the plugin is very robust and can do quite a bit. But their documentation is quite extensive and their customer service is awesome! We needed a plugin to easily display documents and videos on our site and Posts Table Pro has delivered that and more!
Excellent Plugin and Great Customer Service
I am over the moon with appreciation for the type of customer service experience I had with Barn2 as represented by a cheerful and supportive customer service lady called Jae Narra. She is very knowledgeable and is a workaholic. She never tired of answering my many requests for help with their excellent plugin called Posts Table Pro. The level of support is unprecedented, and it speaks to a well organised corporate focus on customer satisfaction. It has endeared me to them, and I will surely purchase more of their products soon. Well done Nae and Barn2.
Good Product & Service
This plugin was exactly what I needed for a document library. The plugin has great tutorials and documentation. Also provide amazing support. Highly recommend.
Great plugin
Really easy to use plugin. Very usable for the audio library we are creating for our clients. The videos from their Youtube channel were incredibly helpful.
Perfect. Great support!
The posts table pro plugin is great. It's easy to install and configure. The support is unbeatable. Very fast, very competent. Edge was very patient with me and very friendly! Thank you very much. Barn2 is highly recommended!
Perfect solution!
I have had many requests over the years from clients who wanted a Document Library integrated into their WP website. Posts Table Pro offers a perfect solution! This is a great product with extensive documentation and fast, prompt support.
Great Product, Great Service
Great product with lots of documentation. For the help that was needed, the support was fast and solved my problem and with great communication skills, alot to be said for being polite in an email and it goes a long way, well done.
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