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Great product. Great Service.
First, this is a fantastic and easy-to-use product. Second, I was working on a site on the weekend and emailed question. It turned out that the answer was in the documentation, but that I had missed it. I was politely pointed in the right direction. Even over the weekend, I had the issue resolved within a couple hours of sending the email.
This plugin delivers!
I highly recommend Posts Table Pro. It definitely delivers as promised and we were able to create a great document library with it. The few questions I had about how to customize my application were answered in the knowledge base, so the documentation is quite good as well.
Best support team ever!
Great plugin, easy to install, well documented, but above all great support team! The didn't give up even and helped me also on localhost (!) enviroment. Guys, 5 star for you!
Ease of Use
Wish i could applaud the tech support group but this plugin is so easy to use and there is so much documented support that i have not had any problems. I love this plugin and would recommend to anyone.
Easy out of the box
Plugin added great functionality to my site... with a few simple clicks. The documentation - and quick support - have made full implementation easy.
The documentation and support are the icing on the cake of what is truly a great product. Posts Table Pro is everything what a plugin should be. Highly recommended.
Excellent tool and better support
I'm using this plugin primarily to allow searching and filtering of a reference library of documents, which have a custom post type. One of the key features for me was that it allows filtering by custom taxonomies. I've found the tool very easy to use and customize, and out of the box it creates very nicely styled tables. The online documentation is fantastic, and I've had a very helpful email exchange with Katie Keith (Operations Director) to learn how to optimize my use of the tool and to suggest a couple of possible future enhancements. All in all, I would highly recommend this plugin.
Lot's of Uses - Great Support
I have put Posts Table Pro to use in multiple ways. Let me count the ways: 1. Complete catalog of lessons. 2. List of BBpress questions 3. List of additional resources on a lesson. 4. News headlines list at the bottom of my blog posts. It is an awesome plugin. Great documentation and support when needed.
Great plugin + documentation + support
I found this software when looking for a solution to providing multiple selections of product documents on an equipment site. Posts Table Pro gave me all the control I needed, and was efficient and easy to use. The documentation is very thorough, and the video tutorials providing the big picture are great. These showed how I could use other plugins, such as Pods and Page Links To, with Posts Table Pro. I also used WP All Import, and in this way populated my site with hundreds of documents sorted and filtered into multiple tables without any manual data entry.
Great Plugin, Great Support
My wp skills are almost inexistent, but following the tutorials and with some support help i was able to do exactly what i wanted to do, and beyond ! Thanks !!
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