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Very good !
Hi, I use this plugin in setting up private documentation, restricted to registrants. It's mainly composed of PDF files and videos. The plugin does the job very well and is flexible. Very good support too! Thanks. Matthieu
This works fantastically well for our Document Library. Great product and stellar support!
Superb Plugins and Team
No other Posts Table plugin on the market comes close to Posts Table Pro. It's hard for me to explain why and if you haven't had a few years of experience buying plugins, you won't fully understand. Basically, Barn2 cares deeply about what they put out. Their method to sell more plugins is to make the best plugins possible and let the plugins market themselves. Other authors create terrible plugins, but put thousands of dollars into marketing to make you believe their plugin is superior. In this WordPress plugin ecosystem, I would argue it's only about 10-14 must-have plugins in your arsenal. Posts Table Pro is one of them.
Great way to manage loads of DATA
It is normally not particularly easy to present large amounts of data in a format that is visually appealing and easily filtered, but Posts Table Pro makes short work of that problem! I was able to quickly and easily create tables that worked with my WordPress theme and allowed the user to sort pictures and documents by search strings or tags. I was even able to get it to list all of the people in the database created by TreePress. This plug-in saved me tons of time AND gives my website users a much better experience than I could have created myself. Last thing: The tutorials on the site are AWESOME and really help maximize the potential of this plugin. Highly recommended!
Makes the impossible possible
Coding up the functionality included in this plugin for sorting, filtering and searching (beyond the core listing/layout functionality) would almost be impossible for most projects from a budget perspective. The applications for this plugin when you think beyond pages and posts and into custom post types becomes immense. I tried other plugins for this functionality and they just didn't work. It took me less than 20 minutes to get this installed and working the way I wanted.
Great plugin
Really easy to use plugin. Very usable for the audio library we are creating for our clients. The videos from their Youtube channel were incredibly helpful.
Perfect. Great support!
The posts table pro plugin is great. It's easy to install and configure. The support is unbeatable. Very fast, very competent. Edge was very patient with me and very friendly! Thank you very much. Barn2 is highly recommended!
Excellent Product
I found Posts Table Pro to be a really excellent plugin. It was easy to use and extremely flexible and the support is wonderful. Unfortunately I had to return the license when the client pulled out but even then I got an instant reply and a full refund. I will definitely use this plugin again as soon as the opportunity arises.
Great for Organizing Information on Website
Really pleased with this plugin for sorting out the wealth of information on our site to make it more user friendly. Also very pleased with the flexible customizing.
Great Tool for Organizing Blog Posts
It took me a long-time to find Post Table Pro, but I am thrilled now that I have found it. My website has over 70 articles that I have written on project management and leadership. I have been searching for a good tool that would allow visitors to quickly find articles that meets their interests. Post Table Pro provides a great interface for people to sort and filter on categories and tags. I am not particularly technical and I was able to quickly install and configure the plugin all by myself.
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