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Rated 4.96 out of 5 stars
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Great Customer Service
I love when a company responds quickly. Barn2 Plugins is top-notch.
Very good !
Hi, I use this plugin in setting up private documentation, restricted to registrants. It's mainly composed of PDF files and videos. The plugin does the job very well and is flexible. Very good support too! Thanks. Matthieu
Amazing Support
Polite, fast, and excellent support staff. Solved my problem for me and explained what I was doing wrong so I could learn for the future! Very helpful.
Best Documentation & Support
I am very impressed with the amount of documentation for various uses of the plugin. It integrates well with many other plugins. Plus support responds back quickly. Very flexible plugin.
Great way to manage loads of DATA
It is normally not particularly easy to present large amounts of data in a format that is visually appealing and easily filtered, but Posts Table Pro makes short work of that problem! I was able to quickly and easily create tables that worked with my WordPress theme and allowed the user to sort pictures and documents by search strings or tags. I was even able to get it to list all of the people in the database created by TreePress. This plug-in saved me tons of time AND gives my website users a much better experience than I could have created myself. Last thing: The tutorials on the site are AWESOME and really help maximize the potential of this plugin. Highly recommended!
Amazing Support!
This plugin has some of the best documentation I've come across in a WordPress plugin. It can be a bit confusing because the plugin is very robust and can do quite a bit. But their documentation is quite extensive and their customer service is awesome! We needed a plugin to easily display documents and videos on our site and Posts Table Pro has delivered that and more!
Good Product & Service
This plugin was exactly what I needed for a document library. The plugin has great tutorials and documentation. Also provide amazing support. Highly recommend.
Perfect solution!
I have had many requests over the years from clients who wanted a Document Library integrated into their WP website. Posts Table Pro offers a perfect solution! This is a great product with extensive documentation and fast, prompt support.
Great Product, Great Service
Great product with lots of documentation. For the help that was needed, the support was fast and solved my problem and with great communication skills, alot to be said for being polite in an email and it goes a long way, well done.
Brilliant tool for the job
The plugin is exceptionally good for projects involving a lot of files (i.e. document libraries, recipes books, catalogs). It comes with exceptionally good support too.
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