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Great plugin!
My client needed a way to organize several documents for download in a way that allowed people to search and sort by multiple categories. Posts Table Pro was a perfect solution! Easy to use and customize to fit their needs. I'm now using the plugin again for a personal project. Definitely recommend!
Great functionality and support
The plugin works great for our purposes as a visual search table for products. The support team was super responsive with solutions to any issues I have encountered. My only critical comment is that I wish there was more design flexibility but very happy, overall.
Makes the impossible possible
Coding up the functionality included in this plugin for sorting, filtering and searching (beyond the core listing/layout functionality) would almost be impossible for most projects from a budget perspective. The applications for this plugin when you think beyond pages and posts and into custom post types becomes immense. I tried other plugins for this functionality and they just didn't work. It took me less than 20 minutes to get this installed and working the way I wanted.
Powerful plugin!
This plugin is awesome. It's a power tool to create customized tables to display, sort, and filter information. We have hundreds of documents and videos that can be located in seconds from our members that need critical information fast. I highly recommend this plugin.
Amazing Plug-in
Easy to install and setup with lots of options, this will allow visitors to your site to easily navigate through your posts to find just what they are looking for. Katie is very responsive and can help with any questions that come up. Highly recommended.
Post Table Pro Great Plugin
I am using this along with PDF Embedder, it's allowing my customers to search 122 pdf files by multiple categories and by using words entered into the excerpt field. Works awesome!
Excellent Support, Easy to use plugin
I judge a product by its functionality and the support provided. Posts Table Pro is relatively easy to use, very responsive on searches and a pleasing layout. The interface with WordPress is easy to use. The support is clear conscise and very useful. Great job Barn2!
Over the top of being excellent
We were looking for a plugin that would give us the ability to catalog pages and give users the ability for quick searches as well as some other customization. This plugin met all of my needs. Additionally, I received great support and feedback from their team which really put this plugin over the top of being excellent.
Great plugin and easy to use
I use the plugin within a LearnDash environment, so a course that people pay for. We have lots of documents and people first had to go through all the lessons to find what they needed. Now they can simply search for a document and download it straight from the table. I'll probably add another table for a collection of role-play videos we have. It does what I need it to do, and the instructional videos are very clear and easy to follow.
Excellent tool and better support
I'm using this plugin primarily to allow searching and filtering of a reference library of documents, which have a custom post type. One of the key features for me was that it allows filtering by custom taxonomies. I've found the tool very easy to use and customize, and out of the box it creates very nicely styled tables. The online documentation is fantastic, and I've had a very helpful email exchange with Katie Keith (Operations Director) to learn how to optimize my use of the tool and to suggest a couple of possible future enhancements. All in all, I would highly recommend this plugin.
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