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Rated 4.96 out of 5 stars
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Robust and easy to use
Tried two plugins (Posts Table Pro and Password Protected Categories), both excellent, robust, instructions easy to follow. Very good sales and support. I'm impressed!
A very trustworthy solution
I used this plugin for an online publishing website and it helped to increase both the functionality and the efficiency of the website.
This works fantastically well for our Document Library. Great product and stellar support!
Superb Plugins and Team
No other Posts Table plugin on the market comes close to Posts Table Pro. It's hard for me to explain why and if you haven't had a few years of experience buying plugins, you won't fully understand. Basically, Barn2 cares deeply about what they put out. Their method to sell more plugins is to make the best plugins possible and let the plugins market themselves. Other authors create terrible plugins, but put thousands of dollars into marketing to make you believe their plugin is superior. In this WordPress plugin ecosystem, I would argue it's only about 10-14 must-have plugins in your arsenal. Posts Table Pro is one of them.
Makes the impossible possible
Coding up the functionality included in this plugin for sorting, filtering and searching (beyond the core listing/layout functionality) would almost be impossible for most projects from a budget perspective. The applications for this plugin when you think beyond pages and posts and into custom post types becomes immense. I tried other plugins for this functionality and they just didn't work. It took me less than 20 minutes to get this installed and working the way I wanted.
Powerful - and great support
Lots of programmer tools give you the docs, and if you can't get it to work you're stuck with guessing or searching on stackoverflow. I've been delighted with Post Tables Pro's functionality, but had a small issue with custom taxonomies. An email into Barn2 (sent after official support hours and going into a weekend no less). Not even 5 minutes minutes later I got a response with a fix to my problem. And it was my bug too - nothing wrong with the product or the docs, just the reader. Amazing - Thanks Katie & Barn2!
This program, coupled with CPT UI works perfectly (Pods didn't work in our environment)! We had close to 400 posts to place into the table, so we additionally utilized Post Type Switcher to easily move the posts to the new post type. The table looks so CLEAN and our users can now quickly and easily find & filter the research they need. We absolutely LOVE it!!!! It improved our site's search functionality tremendously! A special shout-out to Katie for providing us with OUTSTANDING support in getting this up and running. She responded to email communication almost immediately and had the patience of a saint in helping us problem solve (as we weren't very computer savvy). This is a an absolutely wonderful product!!! Thank you!!!
Had all the functionality and looks I needed and more
Setup and customisation (I recommend their video tutorial on creating a members directory) is very easy. Search function and filters are fast and responsive. Their collection of video tutorials is a fantastic bonus (I've added tabs to my tables), I've bought cheaper options before only to abandon them. Posts Table Pro is a polished plugin. I'd give this 5+ stars if I could.
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