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Works even using Password Protected Pages - not just blog categories
Great plugin: does what it says on the box. The plugin works as it says it does. Initially I had problems because I wanted to password protect pages and not blog categories but there is a way do this. The support is stellar: fast, courteous and clear. And their library of support articles has excellent quality and referencing. If you are wondering if it is worth the price, it is. Support, reliability and future-proof accountability are here. You won't get that with free or cheap plugins. Save yourself pointless time shopping around, avoid the technical agro spent trouble shooting and just buy it!
Easy to install and setup
I bought the Password Protected Categories plugin because I wanted to put a bunch of digital resources behind a password. This plugin was easy to install and setup. It works beautifully with Easy Digital Downloads and I am excited to use it for some other membership features and paid products in the future. Great customer service and communication as well!
Great product!
I had been searching for a way to password protect components of my website. This was a big limitation in the past and prevented full implementation of several services. I found this plugin and it easily fixed all of my issues. Super easy to install and use. I HIGHLY recommend it without reservation!
Fantastic Plugin
I host a small family and friend site and this plugin has been a godsend. It's perfect for keeping categories separated between the groups. The support is outstanding as well. GREAT JOB!!!!
Simple, Quick, It Works
I had a very simple need for a photographer's website where the photographs are uploaded as featured images on posts -- create a private password-protected section for some photographs. So we created a category, put those photos in posts in that category and used this to protect the category and those posts. I could have written it myself but this was cheaper (and much faster!). Honestly, a few clicks and it was set.
Great product, excellent service
I searched everywhere for an all-in-one, easy to maintain plugin and this one really fits the bill. After some confusion, I contacted the support desk and got immediate help. I would recommend very highly.
Excellent product/Excellent Customer Support
I have a website selling digital music downloads for primary education. I needed a private category for this which can only be accessed by users who have paid to download the educational material (song videos and worksheets). I am delighted to have been able to achieve this aim using this simple and effective plug-in. Simple as it may be, I am completely new to WP and support to help me achieve my goal was vital. I am delighted to say that help was at hand, quickly and was most professional. I highly recommend this plug-in to you.
Works as Promised
It's great when a plugin works as promised/advertised. There is nothing negative that I have found about it. 5 Stars here!! Thanks
Just what I needed
I was looking for a simple plugin to put a password block over a set of custom post types. Normally I would have an accounts set up, but this was way too complex for the site I was building. Therefore I took a while looking for a decent solution, and the Password Protected Categories did the job perfect! But I did have a couple of issues once installed. Support was top class, and within a few minutes/emails it was all done. Thanks!
Perfect for my needs. Effective and smart.
I needed to build a personal tutoring website, with separate public and personal student sections... I found a couple of free plugins, which promised category protection... and indeed they do, but in a very crude way. At the end of the day I removed them, because while they worked, the resulting behavior was very rudimentary and made the site appear unprofessional. This plugin looked a lot more promising, so I decided to give it a try... and indeed, it is a powerful and clever tool, that gives professional results. Typing a password leads the user to his personal section, and for admin, maintaining multiple personal sections is a breeze. Search shows only the results from the applicable categories (public and the user's personal section), and the integration of a login function is a piece of cake. I found a slight issue with the calendar widget (posts by date), where the links on the calendar dates are not filtered out by the category, so clicking on some date may lead to a 'page not found', due to that page being in a different user's personal section. I don't see it as a big deal. In general, I'm quite happy with this plugin, and find it very useful.
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