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Great plugin & support
The plugin worked as described and the company had great support in everything we asked.
Exactly What We Needed
Needed to find a way to restrict content specific to the premium subscribers to our blog. Password Protected Categories, in conjunction with Posts Table Pro did the trick. It worked with our users' WordPress Accounts and didn't interfere with our payment plugin. On our site, it looks appealing, is easy to use and works exactly as intended.
Works as intended
Needed to find a solution for securing a few of my custom taxonomy databases, without making them invisible. Well, a quick search and it was done. Great plugin, and great support, thanks!
Excellent Plugin and Excellent Support
The plugin is just what I needed. Mr. Padero went all out to assist me with a 'problem' that wasn't his, neither caused from his plugin but rather it was caused by my own web hosting. This is what professionalism, courteousness, and customer service is all about. Going the extra mile. Thank you Edge.
Excellent plugin; excellent support.
Chose this plugin to protect a photo site with nested categories for years, months etc.. Quick to install and super easy to set up with an intuitive menu. Works perfectly, protecting WP portfolio categories and page categories (if you install 'add caregories to pages plugin). I manually allocate passwords to authorised visitors and would like to see specific password logging details (like a basic membership feature) in any future add-ons - but that wasn't a deal breaker for me. Customised login page to suit theme using shortcode in AVIA layout builder but decided to use the default password entry dialogue inherent in the plugin. Tried dropping shortcode into 3rd party popup plugin but didn't want to pay for enabling its controlled linking feature. So reverted to the WP PPC core plugin functionality. The Barn2 support is spot-on both in terms of speed, knowledge and demeanour. The supporting app notes are well written and informative. Overall a very highly recommended plugin that does exactly what it says and an excellent support service!
Awesome plugin
Amazing customer service. Plugin is awesome too. I really highly recommend this company. Their communication is excellent!
All in all would happily recommend!
We needed a facility on our website for different users to have access to a private page on using separate passwords and a central log in area. After a lot of looking around I eventually came across this plugin. It's by and large very easy to use and the support team were very helpful when tweaking it to suit our needs completely. It looks like the functionality can be even more flexible too so would be happy to recommend.
Exactly what I needed!
I was searching for a simple way to secure members' only content in our church's website without creating a full-fledged membership site as some people get confused with creating an account and having to log in, etc. Password Protected Categories enabled me to do exactly what I needed. The plugin is super easy to use on the backend, and it's easy for users to access the secured area. I'm very pleased with the results.
Perfect Plugin and Awesome Support
I was looking for exactly what this plugin provides. There is not another out there like it that works as smoothly and has such great support. The team has even helped work out some plugin conflicts with other plugins they don't even author but was affecting their functionality. Overall for the ease of use and the simple function it provides allows for us to manage per customer categories.
Great categories protection and exemplary support!
We have limped along for years and even did some custom development to protect the members’ portion of the events calendar on our sites - with mixed and not very satisfactory results. Now we found that the Password Protected Categories plugin offers exactly such protection, along with parallel protection also for pages (in conjunction with the Create And Assign Categories For Pages plugin), and with multiple passwords. The implementation of this setup was smooth, simple, and efficient. Plus all our question were answered promptly and proactively by Barn2 technical support - absolutely exemplary support!
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