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Great categories protection and exemplary support!
We have limped along for years and even did some custom development to protect the members’ portion of the events calendar on our sites - with mixed and not very satisfactory results. Now we found that the Password Protected Categories plugin offers exactly such protection, along with parallel protection also for pages (in conjunction with the Create And Assign Categories For Pages plugin), and with multiple passwords. The implementation of this setup was smooth, simple, and efficient. Plus all our question were answered promptly and proactively by Barn2 technical support - absolutely exemplary support!
Just what I needed
I was looking for a simple plugin to put a password block over a set of custom post types. Normally I would have an accounts set up, but this was way too complex for the site I was building. Therefore I took a while looking for a decent solution, and the Password Protected Categories did the job perfect! But I did have a couple of issues once installed. Support was top class, and within a few minutes/emails it was all done. Thanks!
Perfect for my needs. Effective and smart.
I needed to build a personal tutoring website, with separate public and personal student sections... I found a couple of free plugins, which promised category protection... and indeed they do, but in a very crude way. At the end of the day I removed them, because while they worked, the resulting behavior was very rudimentary and made the site appear unprofessional. This plugin looked a lot more promising, so I decided to give it a try... and indeed, it is a powerful and clever tool, that gives professional results. Typing a password leads the user to his personal section, and for admin, maintaining multiple personal sections is a breeze. Search shows only the results from the applicable categories (public and the user's personal section), and the integration of a login function is a piece of cake. I found a slight issue with the calendar widget (posts by date), where the links on the calendar dates are not filtered out by the category, so clicking on some date may lead to a 'page not found', due to that page being in a different user's personal section. I don't see it as a big deal. In general, I'm quite happy with this plugin, and find it very useful.
Perfect for our needs, excellent support
We recently purchased the plugin and do not have enough time to give a 5-star review. But, so far it's working perfectly! We have a membership-based organization (no web logins), and we needed a protected area where we could post private information. Password-protecting each page/post was not an easy option. What we wanted was to protect an entire category and all posts within that category. Password Protected Plugin does exactly that. Not only is the category list page protected but each post page is protected as well. The only thing we have to remember - and this is our responsibility, not the plugin - is to password protect any linked PDFs. There was a bit of a problem with the installation but the support team quickly responded and resolved the issue within a day. Once installed, setup was very quick and super simple. We definitely recommend this plugin!
This is EXACTLY what we needed. Thank you.
I'm the webmaster for a financial services company who needed an in-house private section of their website to post training videos. I actually wasn't sure how to do this and didn't want to obligate each employee to create their own wordpress user-account, etc. In my plugin search, I tried several and nothing seemed to work. Then I found yours and thought a "category" method of defining the password-protected area was very clever. I decided to buy it and install it and BAM... it just WORKS! Easy. The client is super happy because they were pulling their hair out and I look like the hero. Thank you.
Simple, effective plugin backed with professional support
The plugin installs seemlessly into the WordPress framework with no additional coding or tinkering around required. A particular feature of this plugin that I appreciate is the ability to be able to issue a password unique to each member. This means that removing a member's access is simply a case of removing their password. Another great feature that this plugin supports is the ability to create a landing page on which a menu of the private contents can remain on display to everyone. When anyone clicks a link, they are then required to log in to view the contents. Due to an error I had with my WP setup I had reason to contact Barn2 support. A response was recieved back very quickly, so the support is very professional. So if you need a quick and convenient plugin for protecting particular categories, this one fits the bill.
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