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Fantastic service from day One
Not only is Document Library Pro a lifesaver, from the moment I first clicked on the button to try out the plugin, the support team has been really helpful. Thank you so much!
Features, Support, Ease of Use
The added feature to have a button to look at a document or to directly download a document is great. The support is really helpful and prompt. To add a mix of PDF. JPG, and MP4 documents with one click is great. Competitors? None I know of.
Fantastic service
Unbelievably prompt and courteous customer service. Answered all my questions quickly and well during my product assessment phase. Easy to use and flexible.
You saved my day for
To add 327 documents to start out with manually, one after the other, to my new homepage in order to have a download link for each document was terrfying me; within 24 hours my problem was solved with Document Library Pro. Thank you!
What we have been waiting for
The Document Library Pro plugin has been a "saving grace". We have been looking for more than a year to replace an abandoned WordPress document management plugin that has served its purpose well for a client, but had lost its maintenance team. As it was abandoned it was holding various site updates back, and other options would not offer the right functionality. Now with Document Library Pro our options go well beyond what we originally had! So all around we are extremely pleased with Document Library Pro, and with your excellent support team. No doubt this tool will help many users arrange and present their documents, media, and other resources on the web with ease.
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