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Great tool
Easy to use and perfectly functional!
Great Plugin
A really good plugin, customizable and easy to use. Great customer support also, replying quickly and helpfully and even contact you asking what plugin additions you would like to see in the future. Nice!
Great plugin & Fantastic Support
The dev team made a great job of fixing features that we badly needed as per our client's requirements. This is way beyond anyone's expectations when you contact Support of any type of software. Thank you Carl and Team!
Great plugin!
Exactly what we were looking for, and tremendous support!
Great job!
I previously had a 'document gallery' plugin. Unfortunately the developer has not updated it for over 2 years and it no longer works with the latest versions of WordPress. I searched high and low for a replacement and drew a blank. There are lots of photo/image/media gallery plugins out there but I couldn't find any that handled document libraries (e.g. PDF). I then came across Document Library Pro. It does exactly what I need and I have managed to simplify our website so that menu links to all the various categories of documents are now combined into just one link 'Document Library'. By using folders I have been able to present the library to users in a much simpler and consistent manner. Some of our 'non-computer-savvy' users have commented to me that they really like the new layout and that it's much easier to find what they need. I recommend this plugin with no reservations.
Perfect and very easy to use
This is perfect for all kinds of libraries and is very easy to use.
Wonderful job
Excellent plugin, very clean results!
Another great Barn2 plugin!
Document Library Pro was perfect for helping to streamline some of our webpages. It was quick and easy to use, and always, the support help is amazing! We've been using their WooCommerce Product Table plugin for over a year, and this was a great additional plugin as we continue to improve our website.
Excellent plugin, stellar support
This plugin took what used to be hours of work per month down to a few minutes per month because changing keywords or making specific documents available is so easy. We had a theme conflict with setup and the support group was wonderful in helping us troubleshoot. We upgraded our membership because we don't want to be without it!
Plugin Perfection
The Document Library Pro plugin is amazing! It allows us to present our documents in a professional manner.
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