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Great Plugin, Well Supported
I did a lot of research before deciding to use Document Library Pro to replace Memphis Docs. Our library is extensive and the conversion went smoothly by following Barn2's excellent documentation. The plugin is very well-made with features that I didn't even know I needed. I highly recommend this plugin.
Excellent Plugin
Really well-made plugin, with lots of extensible options for developers when customizations are needed. It's feature rich and works as advertised. Support has been very helpful resolving a matter that arise. Highly recommended.
This is the one you're looking for
I have used Barn2's products on a few sites now. Particularly their Document Library Pro (and Posts Table Pro). It's fast, easy to use, and support is fantastic. If you're looking for the most effective way to filter, store, and sort tons of WordPress content, this is it.
A really well developed plugin
If you are looking for a plugin that will just work out of the box get this plugin. If you are looking for a plugin that is very customizable with a little shortcode tweaking get this plugin. Speaking of shortcodes, this company has one of the best documentation on the market on how to use their plugin along with all the things you may want to do with it. Plus it works super well with searchwp. Do yourself a favor and stop looking and just buy this plugin, honestly, it will save you time.
I have a new website that I created in just over 1 week in between visits to the hospital to see my wife and tending to all the home cares while she was away! Document Library Pro was simple to navigate and was quite easy to learn to use! I had my site up and running in about 20 hours of work on it, and another 10-or-so hours doing the tweaks and adjustments that made it extra-special. By all means, I advise that you get this WordPress plugin and use it to develop your own Gallery Portfolio or Audio or Video Playlist, or to manage documents that you want to make available to others! If you want to see what it can do, drop by my site and see for yourself! I hope you like what you see and will want to do the same for yourself! Have a great time using the Plugin, and check out the other plugins they have available at! Blessings2u!! ~Roger Funk, II
Fantastic Support
I've found the team really helpful, in getting to grips with this plugin, I'm a big fan of what it does and the support you get especially Keza Enriquez - Thanks
I had a question about a feature and it was answered well. The support also gave a sample so I can check it. Thank you!
I have to say I am truly amazed by the quality of service Barns 2 offers. I was a little bit skeptical when I started manipulating Document Library Pro and kept going around in circles as I followed advice from people who knew more about websites than I did. I decided to write to Barns 2 support, thinking it would take forever to get an answer. Since the problem was clearly my lack of abilities (and my WordPress template...) and not their product, I didn't see why they would help me. How surprised was I to get an answer the next morning from Adrian Navaja who had already solved many of my problems. Adrian kept telling me not to hesitate if I had any more questions and... well I had plenty. I almost felt embarrassed about all the emails! Adrian went out of his way to find solutions to my problems when they weren't even related to the plugin itself! He showed me with screen captures and videos(!) where to go and what to do. It was very clear and it all worked perfectly. I was also in contact with Edge Padero who was just as helpful and responsive! What is truly amazing, is that now I am much more comfortable with a great plugin and I realize I can use it for so much more things than I initially bought it for! The plugin itself is great and, as it turns out, it is super flexible. I also want to give a big shout-out to all the helpful videos on the website. I've never encountered a company with such a pedagogical approach! The plugin is well worth it, and taking the time to learn how it works is really rewarding! Thank you, Adrian and Edge!
Love Document Library Pro
I'm not a techie and find it difficult if not impossible for me to implement new plugins, especially one as complicated as Document Pro Library. So I was thrilled to get such great responsive support from Keza Enriquez in Barn2 support. Over a period of two weeks, Keza and I exchanged 30-some emails and she hung in there through it all to make sure I could set up Document Library Pro to established a library of records about local officials that I'm building by filing scores of public information requests. I couldn't be more pleased with how this is shaping up...thanks to Keza.
Great product with awesome service
I've used the product for a while and have been very pleased with it but the thing that sets it apart is the service: * Questions always answered promptly * I had an issue activating one of the plugins on a new site - it was resolved really quickly Very pleased Thank You
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