WooCommerce Quick View Pro


Release date 6 October 2021

  • New: Added support for Fast Cart plugin
  • Fix: Resolved issue where only the last product addon is added to the cart
  • Fix: Improved integration with the Astra theme


Release date 14 September 2021

  • New: Added sku parameter to the [quick_view] shortcode
  • Fix: Resolved issue where trying to add to the cart children of a Grouped product always returns a zero-quantity error


Release date 20 May 2021

  • Fix: Resolved issues where closing the photo modal would also close Quick View Pro modal


Release date 5 May 2021

  • Fix: Resolved issue where click events within Quick View Pro were prevented from propagating
  • New: Added compatibility with AJAX add-to-cart functionality in Goya theme


Release date 28 April 2021

  • New: \'Add to Cart\' compatibility with WooCommerce Product Tables when variations are set to \'separate\'


Release date 4 April 2021

  • New: Updated internal error handling to provide compatibility with WooCommerce Quantity Manager


Release date 3 March 2021

  • Fix: Issue with tabs in Quick View when thumbnails are not enabled.
  • Fix: Tabs will no longer appear when \"Image Only\" mode is selected.
  • Fix: Style issue with focus outline clipping on some themes.
  • New: Added Quick View Pro to new WooCommerce Admin extensions sidebar


Release date 25 February 2021

  • New: Ability to show/hide the Quick View button on hover.
  • New: Ability to preview some features within your theme without changing the live site.
  • New: Clicking outside the Quick View modal will close the feature.
  • New: Add long description, reviews, and product attributes to the quick view modal.
  • New: Option to enable/disable quick view for specific categories.
  • Fix: Enabling bullets for Quick View gallery will no longer break the thumbnails on single product pages.


Release date 9 December 2020

  • Improve compatibility with Flatsome theme.


Release date 30 November 2020

  • Fix: Bug with add to cart button for External/Affiliate Products.


Release date 17 November 2020

  • Fix: Default variations were not displayed in the Quick View for variable products.
  • Fix: Issues opening Quick View in Avada and Enfold themes.
  • Improve compatibility with Avada, Divi and Enfold themes.
  • Improve RTL language support.


Release date 2 October 2020

  • New: Added a new [quick_view] shortcode to display the Quick View button anywhere on your website.
  • New: Added a new option to display a \'View product details\' link in the Quick View.
  • Fix: A bug introduced in version 1.4 which prevented the Quick View working for products displayed using the WooCommerce shortcodes.
  • Fix: Issue when closing the Quick View while the add to cart action was in progress.
  • Fix: Conflict with WooCommerce Composite Products when viewing the single product page.
  • Fix: Conflict with Bootstrap Modal plugin used in Avada and other themes.
  • Misc: Removed the check for product visibility for the Quick View button and when adding to the cart as this is handled by WooCommerce.
  • Misc: Improved error handling and validation when adding to the cart.
  • Misc: Minor styling and theme improvements.


Release date 21 August 2020

  • Fixed an bug which prevented the Quick View loading for Related Products.
  • Added a fallback for Quick View buttons when Javascript is disabled.


Release date 14 August 2020

  • Added support for the WooCommerce Blocks plugin.
  • Improved compatibility with various themes (Avada, Storefront, Total, Bridge, Enfold, Genesis, etc).
  • Fixed an issue in Storefront and other themes where the cart widget and fragments were not updated correctly when adding to the cart.
  • Fixed an error when the quick view was closed quickly after adding a product to the cart.
  • Fixed an error in Flatsome where the setting to show the quick view by clicking the product name could not be disabled.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented product tables working inside the Quick View.
  • Minor improvements to the plugin settings page.
  • Tested with WordPress 5.5 and WooCommerce 4.4.
  • Dev: Fixed an issue which prevented the wc_quick_view_pro_scripts_enabled_on_page filter working when using quick view in product tables.
  • Dev: Added a body class when the quick view button is displayed in the shop.
  • Dev: Added filters wc_quick_view_pro_shop_loop_button_hook_priority and wc_quick_view_pro_use_default_button_classes.


Release date 1 May 2020

  • Test: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.1 and WordPress 5.4.1.
  • Dev: Added Composer support.


Release date 7 April 2020

  • Fix: Bug displaying add to cart error messages in the quick view.
  • Tweak: Styling improvements for WooCommerce Composite Products.
  • Tweak: Minor improvements to settings page.
  • Dev: Add new license system and refactor to use new architecture.
  • Dev: Deprecate Barn2\\Plugin\\WC_Quick_View_Pro\\Quick_View_Plugin class and wc_quick_view_pro() function.
  • Dev: Update jQuery Modal to 0.9.2.


Release date 12 March 2020

  • Tested up to WooCommerce 4.0 and WordPress 5.4.


Release date 21 January 2020

  • Fully tested with WordPress 5.3.2 and WooCommerce 3.9.


Release date 30 October 2019

  • Tested up to WordPress 5.3 and WooCommerce 3.8.
  • Added \'wc_quick_view_pro_quick_view_after_product_details\' hook.
  • Refactored code to use updated plugin library.


Release date 16 April 2019

  • New: Enfold theme support.
  • New: Support for WooCommerce 3.6.
  • Fix: Bug adding variable products when attribute names contain non-Latin characters.
  • Fix: Set nonce header for add to cart REST request to ensure proper authentication.


Release date 27 February 2019

  • Initial release.