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How to send WooCommerce order notification emails to different addresses

Our WooCommerce Multiple Email Recipients plugin lets you send the WooCommerce customer emails to multiple addresses. This article tells you about how to send the WooCommerce order notification emails to different addresses instead of just the administrator. These are the emails which are sent to notify the administrator of new orders.

To do this, you need the Advanced Notifications plugin. This lets you choose who the 'New order' emails are sent to.

For example, you can add different email addresses according to product category. You might have different categories for products that are despatched from different fulfilment centres. When a customer places an order for specific products, order notification emails will be sent to the correct email addresses depending on which categories these products were in. This notifies the relevant people directly so that the administrator doesn't need to manually notify each fulfilment centre about each order they need to despatch.

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