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My variable product with options is showing as out of stock

Customers using WooCommerce Product Options sometimes report that they have added options to a variable product but it is showing as 'Out of stock' on the front end.

This can happen if you have chosen the 'Variable product' type but not added any variations. For example, perhaps you previously used variations but have now removed these and used WooCommerce Product Options to add options instead.

When you use WooCommerce Product Options to add the options to a product, it does not need to be a variable product. You should only select the Variable product type if you are adding actual variations to the product, in addition to options from our plugin.

If your product doesn't have any variations and is showing as out of stock, then go to the 'Edit Product' screen, scroll to the 'Product data' section and change the product type to 'Simple product'. This should fix the problem.

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