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CSS Selectors

The quick view modal window (i.e. the lightbox)
The wrapper <div> around the product within the quick view modal
The product gallery (if shown) in the quick view.
The product details and description in the quick view. This is a wrapper around the title, short description, add to cart form, etc.
​.wc-quick-view-modal .wc-quick-view-notice
The 'Add to cart' message shown (usually in green) when a product is added to the cart from the quick view.
.wc-quick-view-modal .wc-quick-view-success
The 'Add to cart' quick view message when successful (default: green)
.wc-quick-view-modal .wc-quick-view-notice.wc-quick-view-error
The 'Add to cart' quick view message when an error occurs (default: red)

For example, to change the background color and text for the 'Add to cart' success message:

​.wc-quick-view-modal .wc-quick-view-success {
​    background-color: #ddd;
​.wc-quick-view-modal .wc-quick-view-notice {
​   color: #333;

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