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The product options aren't working with my grouped product

When you use the WooCommerce Product Options plugin to add extra options, you may find that they don't work with grouped products. This is intentional and product options are not designed to work with grouped products.

This article explains the reason for this, and a suggested workaround that you can use to achieve the same goal.

Why don't product options work with grouped products?

We do not recommend using product options with grouped products for several reasons:

  • If the main grouped product had extra options then it would not be clear which product to attach the options to.
  • If the products which are selected within the group had options then these would not be selectable on the grouped product page, and if they had any required options then it would not be possible to add them to the cart.

Currently, the only way to display product options on grouped product pages is to create an option group which is set to display globally on all products. It will then appear on the product page for the main grouped product.

It is not possible to display options which are attached to products that have been selected to appear as part of the group.

Suggested workaround

Instead of using grouped products with product options, we recommend using the Products option type to create the 'group'. 

This is one of the options built into the WooCommerce Product Options plugin, and allows you to select other products which appear on the product page. For example, this screenshot shows a smartphone product with two 'groups' of other products displayed. The 'Choose a case' group displays other products from one category, and the 'Choose additional accessories' group shows selected products to upsell alongside the smartphone:

WooCommerce Products option type

This is a good alternative to using grouped products because you are using WooCommerce Product Options to create the group. As a result, you can add as many other types of options as you like to the same product without any conflicts.

To create a WooCommerce grouped product using the Product Options plugin: 

  1. Go to Products → Options in the WordPress admin.
  2. Create an option group.
  3. Click 'Create option' and select the 'Products' type.
  4. Either select specific products to appear within the group, or let the plugin select product dynamically based on whichever category you select.
Products option type

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