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How to create private custom post types and taxonomies

The free Easy Post Types and Fields plugin works with the privacy options which are built into WordPress. As a result, you can edit the visibility of each individual custom post to mark it as Public, Private, or Password Protected.

WordPress doesn't have any options for restricting access to content in bulk. For example, there's no way to make an entire custom post type private, or to choose who can access each category/taxonomy. Fortunately, you can do these things with the Password Protected Categories plugin.

What is Password Protected Categories?

Password Protected Categories is a WordPress plugin which lets you restrict access to any hierarchical taxonomy on your site. This includes:

  • WordPress categories.
  • Any other hierarchical taxonomies on your site, whether these were created by Easy Post Types and Fields or another plugin.

Tip: You can tell whether a taxonomy is hierarchical by looking at it in the WordPress admin. If there's a parent-child structure then it is hierarchical, whereas it's flat (like tags in WordPress) then it is not.

Password Protected Categories provides 3 easy ways to restrict access to your taxonomies:

  1. Basic password protection - anyone with the password can see the posts which have a particular taxonomy term.
  2. User role protection - all logged in users with a particular role can see the hidden content.
  3. Individual user protection - specific logged in users can see the hidden content.

How to restrict access to categories and custom taxonomies

  1. Install Password Protected Categories. Use the options on the plugin settings page to choose how you want the protected taxonomies to work. For example, you can choose whether to hide them from public view, or whether to make them visible to everyone but only show the individual post pages to people with access.
  2. Go to the custom taxonomy that you want to restrict access to. For example, let's say that you have a custom post type called 'Resources' and a taxonomy called 'Industries', and you want to restrict access to the 'Government' term. To do this, you would go to Resources → Industries and click on 'Government'.
  3. Find the 'Visibility' section and use one or more of the protection options to restrict access to the taxonomy.
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