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Changing the number of documents in the library

In Document Library Pro, you can choose how many items are listed on each page of the library, and the total number of documents in the library.

Docs per page

The docs_per_page option controls how many rows display on each page of results in the library, e.g. docs_per_page="50". The default is 25 rows. Set this to docs_per_page="-1" to show all records in your library.

Example displaying 10 rows per page: [doc_library docs_per_page="10"]

Document limit

The doc_limit option controls the maximum number of documents displayed in your library. Defaults to 500 documents. Set the document limit to -1 to show the whole post/page content.

Warning: setting too large a limit could have a performance impact on your server. If you are displaying a large number of documents, we recommend activating lazy load.

[doc_library doc_limit="750"]

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