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Flat fees are being added for each variation

In WooCommerce Product Options, you can add extra options to your products and charge extra fees for each one. The 'Flat fee' price type allows you to charge a fixed amount which is added to the main product page, regardless of quantity. For example, if you're selling printing services and add a "Manually check my order before printing" checkbox with a flat fee of $10, then the $10 will be charged regardless of the quantity ordered.

Customers sometimes report that the flat fee is charged multiple times when they add different variations of the same product to their cart. For example, if a product has a flat fee of $10 and they add two different variations to their cart, then they will be charged $20.

Unfortunately this is a necessary part of the way WooCommerce itself works and can't be avoided. WooCommerce treats each individual variation as a separate product in the cart, so a flat fee is added to each one and can't be shared between them.

If you are concerned about this then we recommend that instead of using variable products, you add all the options for the product using the WooCommerce Product Options plugin. For example, if you are currently using variations for size and color options then you could recreate these as product options instead. That way, you can bypass the problem and the flat fee will only be added once regardless of the quantity ordered.

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