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Document library content & excerpt length

Document Library Pro comes with options to control the length of the content and excerpt columns. These tell the plugin how many words to display in the library - any extra words will be truncated.

These options are available on the plugin settings page or they can be set directly in a shortcode.

Content length

The content_length shortcode option sets the length of the content column, if used in your library. Enter the number of words, e.g. content_length="20". The default is 15 words. Set content_length="-1" to show the whole post/page content.

Example: [doc_library content_length="10"]

Excerpt length

The excerpt_length shortcode option sets length of the excerpt column, if used in your library. Enter the number of words, e.g. excerpt_length="20". The WordPress default excerpt length is 55 words.

Example: [doc_library excerpt_length="30"]

WordPress library plugin content excerpt length

The content length and excerpt length options aren't working!

These options aren't compatible with the shortcodes option. If you activate shortcodes in the library then they will therefore be disabled. Please see our article about using shortcodes in the document library.

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