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How to add a 'Shipping' tab to the product page

The WooCommerce Product Tabs plugin makes it easy to add a 'Shipping' tab to the product page. If you offer shipping then we highly recommend doing this because it's important for customers to be able to check the shipping costs before adding products to their cart. It's better to put this infomration in a dedicated Shipping tab instead of cluttering up the main product description.


Simply use the plugin to create a new tab called 'Shipping', 'Postage' or similar, and add the shipping information to it.


Here are some tips on the type of shipping information that you can add to the Shipping tab:

  • Use the WooCommerce Shipping Calculator plugin to insert a fully functional shipping calculator into the product page Shipping tab. To do this, install the plugin and add the shortcode [shipping_calculator] to the tab content. The customer can enter their address details and instantly see the shipping options and costs for their location.
  • Create an HTML table listing your shipping options and costs for each area. You can do this by using a free HTML table generator and then pasting the code into the 'Text' view of your Shipping tab.
  • Add text to the Shipping tab about your shipping policies and timescales.

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