6 months free hosting with our WordPress design services

March 26, 2018

WordPress design with free hosting
Please note that our free hosting offer has now expired. We still offer high quality premium WordPress hosting and you can view prices and sign up on our hosting page

We're pleased to offer 6 months free web hosting to everyone who uses our WordPress design services.

Free premium WordPress web hosting - the details

Everyone who uses our WordPress design services from now on will have the option of 6 months free premium WordPress web hosting. This applies to all our WordPress design and development service including complete WordPress websites, custom WordPress themes and custom WordPress plugin development.

Once our WordPress design services are complete, we will host your website on a specialist WordPress hosting platform. Your hosting environment will be optimised for performance and fast page load times - we believe that it provides the best possible configuration for a WordPress website.

What's included in the WordPress hosting?

Our premium WordPress website hosting includes the following features that are not available from most hosting providers:

  • Built-in caching technology to maximise your website's performance and page load times, which improves  user-experience and boosts your search engine position
  • Built-in CDN (content delivery network) to further boost performance
  • Fine-tuned for WordPress sites, making your website run as smoothly as it possibly can
  • Automatically scales up to meet the demands of your site, so the server won't crash if your visitor numbers increase
  • Automatic scanning for hacking, and free fixes if your website is hacked
  • Regular secure backups, with a one-click restore option if anything goes wrong
  • Proactive security updates to keep your site safe
  • Continuous uptime monitoring so we can take immediate action if your site ever goes down

This is a genuine offer, motivated by the fact that the WordPress design process runs much more smoothly if we use our own hosting environment (see below). However there are a few conditions:

  • Must be agreed before work commences
  • 12-month minimum contract, with a rolling monthly agreement thereafter
  • You must set up a direct debit for the future monthly payments before the WordPress design process is complete and your website is launched - however the first payment will not be taken until after the free 6 month period. This means that your hosting will continue automatically with no further setup required, so we don't have to bother you after 6 months

3 reasons why we'd like all our WordPress design clients to use our hosting

We've decided to offer 6 months free hosting because our WordPress design projects run more smoothly when clients choose our web hosting. There are several reasons for this.

1. Our WordPress design services work best on our own hosting

All websites are designed with a particular hosting environment in mind. The WordPress design process involves making decisions on how to develop the website in the most effective way, based on factors such as your requirements, budget and the hosting environment.

Our intimate knowledge of our own WordPress web hosting means that we can design your website in a way that works perfectly with the hosting environment.

Some examples

  • We know that our WordPress web hosting provides fantastic backups. This means we don't need to worry about installing a separate backup plugin. This is a good thing because backups are much more efficient if they are performed directly on the server. In contrast, running a WordPress backup plugin will slow your website down. If you ask us to set up the website on your own hosting account then we will usually install a backup plugin for extra peace of mind. This is because we don't know how good your host's backups are.
  • We know that our hosting is finely tuned for performance, with built-in caching and CDN. We can easily activate these features for your WordPress website, making it run as fast as possible. If we're setting up the website on your own hosting account then we have to assume that these features are not already built-in. As a result, we provide them via separate plugins instead. This is more work and less efficient, so you get worse results.

If you wish to arrange your own hosting then we will happily set up the finished website on your own hosting account, once our WordPress design services are complete and paid for. We will work hard to familarise ourselves with your hosting environment and set up the website in an effective way. However our knowledge of your hosting can't possibly be as in-depth, so there will be some compromises such as those listed above.

2. We can provide a fixed cost for your WordPress design

After our WordPress design services are complete, we can launch your website on our hosting very quickly. We are familiar with the setup and know exactly what to do, with no learning curve.

In contrast, there are a lot of uncertainties around launching a WordPress website to an unknown web host. Although we have migrated WordPress websites to dozens of different hosting companies, it would be impossible to have this level of familiarity with all of them.

When our WordPress design clients choose to arrange their own hosting, a range of unexpected problems can arise. Typical examples are:

  • Difficulty accessing the hosting account, for example the control panel, database or FTP. (e.g. due to incorrect or incomplete login details)
  • The client hasn't purchased the required services in order for us to launch the website. (e.g. they may already have one website and need to upgrade their account before we can add a second one. Or there may be insufficient space on the hosting account)
  • Technical issues with the hosting account (e.g. server timeouts)

Our WordPress design quotes include a reasonable amount of time to set up the website on the client's hosting account. However if there are unforeseen issues then we have to re-quote for this part of the project, which is always a shame. If we host the website after our WordPress design services are complete then this will not happen. The client can benefit from a definite fixed price for their website.

3. Better peace of mind, with no uncertainties

When we provide WordPress design services, we will provide the draft website on a test site for you to review. This applies whether it's a new website, custom WordPress theme or bespoke plugin. The draft website will be on our hosting account, with a temporary website address.

If we will be hosting your finished website then you will have the peace of mind of being able to test it in its final location before it goes live. If you will be arranging your own WordPress web hosting then there will be some uncertainties. Even after thorough testing on our own host, there's always a risk of unexpected problems arising on your host - websites may behave differently in different environments. Common examples include:

  • Symbols on the website displaying incorrectly due to character encoding issues. (e.g. the 'R' symbol that is often inserted alongside a registered trademark displays fine on our host but sometimes breaks on other hosts. Foreign characters may not display correctly on all hosts)
  • Inability to upload new images or install new plugins due to file permissions issues on the server. (Yes, it's the dreaded "The Uploads Directory Is Not Writable" error!)
  • The website may run more slowly on your host, compared to the speeds you have experienced on the test site
  • Certain WordPress plugins may not work on your host. (e.g. plugins that run certain scripts to perform a task such as optimising images. Or plugins that perform tasks on a schedule and will break if your server doesn't have the cron function enabled)

WordPress design services with free hosting

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why it's better for us to host your website after providing WordPress design services. We hope the offer of 6 months free WordPress hosting will encourage more of our WordPress design clients to use our hosting. This will make projects run much more smoothly and ensure higher performing websites.


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