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WooCommerce Private Store

Make WooCommerce private in under 5 minutes! Hide your online shop behind password protection or user login. The rest of your site remains public as usual.

WooCommerce Fast Cart plugin

WooCommerce Fast Cart

Are you still forcing customers to visit multiple pages to complete their purchase? Reduce abandoned carts - let customers view their cart and compete the checkout directly in a fast cart popup.

WooCommerce Quick View Pro

WooCommerce Quick View Pro

Display product information and images in a responsive lightbox. Increases your conversion rate by allowing customers to browse and buy products more quickly.

WordPress table plugin

Posts Table Pro

This dynamic WordPress table plugin takes any type of WordPress content and lists it in an instant table with searching, sorting and filtering. List pages, posts, documents, audio, or any custom post type.

WooCommerce Quantity Manager plugin

WooCommerce Quantity Manager

WooCommerce Quantity Manager is the ultimate quantity management plugin. Set minimum and maximum quantities, quantity increments, and more.

WooCommerce Product Sample plugin

WooCommerce Product Sample

Let customers "try before they buy" with the WooCommerce Product Sample plugin. Follow up sample orders with a friendly email reminder.

WooCommerce Lead Time Plugin

WooCommerce Lead Time

Do you sell handmade, custom or non-stock products? Let customers make an informed decision before they buy with the WooCommerce Lead Time plugin.

WooCommerce Multiple Email Recipients plugin

Woo Multiple Email Recipients

WooCommerce Multiple Email Recipients is an easy-to-use plugin which adds additional recipients to your order notification emails.

WordPress Password Protected Categories plugin

Password Protected Categories

Password protect entire WordPress categories for your blog posts, portfolios, e-commerce products, events, pages, & any custom post type. Quick & easy to set up.