Universal Fans

Problem Solved

Provide an easy way for users to compare technical products
WooCommerce Product Comparison Table Plugin

Universal Fans sell electrical fans, which are described using some fairly complex technical data.

They needed a way for customers to compare the various technical data in a structured WooCommerce comparison table.

After trialling some free plugins that weren't suitable, Universal Fans discovered our bestselling WooCommerce Product Table plugin. They used it to create a WooCommerce product comparison table with all the technical data they needed.

Since they sell a lot of products, they added a keyword search box and attribute filters to help customers find the products with the correct specification.

Customers can click on any product in the WooCommerce comparison table to access the single product page.

From there, they can select quantities and variations, and add products to the cart.

WooCommerce Product Comparison Table Plugin


See WooCommerce Product Table in action on the Universal Fans website.

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