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Add advanced product filters, plus a private wholesale area.
Starborn Creations

Starborn Creations is a unique gemstone jewelry online store that sells jewelry, home decor, and loose stones. They use two Barn2 plugins to help make their store more successful:

How our plugins solved their problem

Starborn Creations needed a way to show product filters not only on their shop page, but also on category pages (see example).

Since the company sells products made from a variety of gemstones, fossils, crystals, and minerals, they were looking for a way to let customers narrow down their search by price range, stone name, birthstone directly on the shop page.

Starborn's customers spend a lot of time on category pages because many wholesalers like to focus on certain stones. The category page filters allow customers to tailor their selections based on product data such as stone, color, ring size, and so on.

When a customer lands on the main shop page or one of the category pages, they can use the various product filters to narrow down their search. For example, if someone is looking for jewelry with a Blue Topaz stone and Sterling Silver base material that’s under $150, they can set the filter options accordingly to only see products that fit that criteria. Customers can also clear specific filters or all filters using the clear filter options.

Starborn Creations

While the Starborn Creations online store is available for everyone to purchase from, it also has a private wholesale area. They added this using our WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin.


See WooCommerce Product Filters in action on the Starborn Creations store.

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