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List articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Plugin Used

Rolf Research Foundation

Rolf Research Foundation provides education, consultation, funding, and networking about Structural Integration research. They’ve used our Document Library Pro plugin to list articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals on their website.

How our plugin solved their problem

Rolf Research Foundation were looking for a way to list articles from scientific journals on their website and make them accessible to researchers, practitioners, and the public. This involved creating a digital library that lets users search for articles and download them.

They used the Document Library Pro plugin to create a Structural Integration Library page on their site. The library lists articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

The Structural Integration Library table contains multiple sortable columns including Title, Citation, Year, Type, Keywords, Full Text, Abstract, and Pubmed. Rolf Research Foundation has used custom fields to add multiple download buttons (different file types) for each article. Articles can be filtered by Content Type and Keywords, and a search bar above the digital library lets users search for specific queries.

Users can filter the digital library, run search queries, or sort columns in the table to find the articles they’re looking for. Once they find an article they’d like to read, they can click on the “+” to view the full text of the article, the abstract only, or view it in Pubmed.

The content type and keywords listed in the Type and Keywords columns are clickable links that allow users to filter the digital library quickly. Users can click the Reset link to reset the filter dropdowns.

Rolf Research Foundation

Excellent plugin and support
Document Library Pro has proved to be an ideal solution for our library of published, peer reviewed research articles. I appreciate how flexible this plugin is, such as formatting as well as renaming columns to suit our application. Recently I had a specific issue with the plugin, and the Barn2 support team gave me a work around. I really appreciate the help I received from them. I’ve included a link to our library in case it gives someone else an idea of another way to use this amazing plugin: .


See Document Library Pro in action on the Rolf Research Foundation website.

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