Problem Solved

Create a document library with bulk downloading options.

Plugin Used

Resources for Scouts

Resources for Scouting publishes resources relating to Scouting Ireland including articles, handbooks, policies, guidelines, training programmes, and more. They’ve used the Document Library Pro plugin to display the resources neatly in organized folders and offer bulk downloading options.

How our plugin solved their problem

Resources for Scouting were looking for a way to organize and display their large collection of articles, policies, training programmes, and other documents in folders on their website. They specifically wanted a solution that would allow them to create easy-to-use folders and ensure tidy URLs.

They used the Document Library Pro plugin to organize their files and documents in different folders like Adults in Scouting, Charity Registration, Forms, Policies, Posters, and others. Once that was done they created a Library page on their website to make it easy for visitors to find exactly what they were looking for.

When a visitor lands on the Library page, they can click on the different folders to view all documents in it. The documents in each folder are presented in a neat table layout with different sortable columns including Title, Content, File Size, and Link.

Users can click on the document title to view it on a separate page or download it using the document link. In addition to this, users can select multiple documents in each folder and click the Download Selected Documents button to download them all at once.

The Library page also has a search bar that lets users search for specific documents in any folder by entering a search query. By default, the table is configure to show 20 documents per page with the option to let users view more documents per page if they’d like.

Resources for Scouts


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