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Omnifoto case study / Masters of Light is a Dutch top-rated and highly specialized supplier, in filters for Landscape Photography of the excellent HAIDA Filter- and the handmade LEE Filter series.

Omnifoto required a plugin that would immediately indicate on the shop and category pages whether an item is in stock. Previously, customers had to visit each individual product page to see whether an item was available. To save them time, Omnifoto wanted to display this information directly on the main shop pages.

WooCommerce Lead Time turned out to be a fantastic solution to their problem. It is the only plugin that offers a simple way to include stock and lead time information on the shop and category pages. now use WooCommerce Lead Time to:

  • Show the stock status of every product directly on product category pages.
  • Display the approximate number of days when specific out-of-stock goods will become available in the inventory.

As a result, customers can easily determine whether they should place an order right away or wait. Each product has text such as such as "5 in stock (can be backordered)" or "On backorder | Waiting time: X months or days".

Omnifoto case study

By regularly updating the inventory status, this essentially helps Omnifoto manage their inventory effectively. They can provide a better customer experience and maximize sales.

Jans from Omnifoto said:

I did a search on the net to try and find a plugin that would show if an item is in stock directly on the shop and category pages. Before, a customer has to click on an item to find out when it is available. I now use your plugin to be able to add a notification about the expected delivery time/date of an out of stock product.


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