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Food orders with pick-up and delivery
Offering pick-up and delivery

Minos Pallas is a Greek restaurant in the Netherlands. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Minos Pallas was closed for visitors but open for pick-up and delivery. They used our WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering plugin to create a menu-like ordering page on their WordPress website.

How our plugin solved their problem

Minos Pallas had to close down for visitors due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic situation. However, they wanted to remain open for pick-up and delivery. They needed a solution that would allow their customers to place orders online for pick-up or delivery.

Their web developers, 072DESIGN, used the WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering plugin to list food items on their site’s Order page. When a customer lands on the page, they can view the entire menu sorted under categories. The Order page displays the food item’s title, description (ingredients), price, and add to cart icon. Customers can simply click the (+) icon next to each food item to add it to their cart.

To enhance the customer’s user experience, their developer added a custom sidebar to the page to display the customer’s order as they select the food items they’d like to order.

The menu is split up into multiple categories to make it easy for customers to place their orders. There’s a separate category for starters, salad, meat dishes, specialties, kids menu, desserts, and beverages.

Once customers are done adding items to their menu, they can proceed to checkout to place their order and arrange pick-up and delivery.

Offering pick-up and delivery


See WooCommerce Restaurant ordering in action on the Minos Pallas website.

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