Problem Solved

Set up a music library.

Plugin Used

Michael Cohen Music

Michael Cohen Music provides original music for podcasting. Users can license music or get inspiration for a custom composition. They’ve used the Document Library Pro plugin to set up a music library on their website.

How our plugin solved their problem

Michael Cohen Music were looking for an easy way to set up a music library in WordPress. They wanted to create a music playlist that users could search to find the exact composition they were looking for.

They used the Document Library Pro plugin to list music for license in a neat and organized music library. To do this, they created documents in the back-end and uploaded music tracks to each one along with a title, style, and keywords. They added the document library to a new page called the Music Library page.

The music library features a total of four columns:

  • Listen - an audio player that lets users listen to the music
  • Song - the title of the composition
  • Style - they style of the composition
  • Keywords - descriptors

Site visitors can use the filter dropdowns above the music library to narrow down their search. The music library can be filtered by Style or Keyword. Users can also sort the different columns in the music library alphabetically.

The music library is set to show 25 entries on each page and there are a total of 4 pages. Site visitors can use the pagination links below the music library to go to the next page.

Michael Cohen Music

I got a lot of help from Barn2's support team when I was setting it up. If they hadn't been so helpful I would have probably given up because I'm not all that familiar with shortcodes.


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