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Build a searchable document library.

Plugin Used

IGBC Online

IGBC Online is the online presence of the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC), an organization that supports recovery and delisting, and ongoing conservation of grizzly bear populations.

They’ve used the Document Library Pro plugin to create a document library for around 800 meeting minutes, policies, and reports.

How our plugin solved their problem

The IGBC website is designed by SnowGhost Design who were looking for a way to build a searchable document library in WordPress. More specifically, they needed a way to list around 800 company documents (like meeting minutes, policies, and reports) in an organized and searchable way.

They used the Document Library Pro plugin to create a document library with folders and subfolders containing all of the organization’s documents. To do this, they simply uploaded the documents to their WordPress site along with information about each document and categorized them.

The Document Library page contains multiple folders (some with sub-folders) based on the document categories. Each table contains a list of all the documents organized under that category or sub-category). This makes it easy for users to find the documents they’re looking for.

The tables are divided into six sortable columns – Title, Date, Tags, Type, Size, and Link. In addition to this, the table has filter dropdowns that make it easy for users to narrow down their search further. Once a user finds a document they’d like to access, they can click the download icon to download it to their device or click the Preview link to view the document in a lightbox.

There’s also a search box above the document library that lets users search for documents by keyword.

IGBC Online

We chose your plugin because it met all the criteria we needed. Organization, searchability, ability to export the library for future, and working with WordPress.


See Document Library Pro in action on the IGBC Online website.

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