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Filter and show product variations on the shop page.
Bamboo Haus

Bamboo Haus is an Australian-owned business which sells bedding products like bedsheets, pillows, pillowcases, and mattress toppers. They’ve used our WooCommerce Product Filters plugin to filter and show product variations on their shop page.

How our plugin solved their problem

Bamboo Haus were looking for a way to add product filters to their shop page that would let customers narrow down their search and find the exact product variations they were searching for. This involved adding product filters for different product attributes on their main shop page.

They used the WooCommerce Product Filters plugin to create and display three product filters on the shop page – Product Category, Colour, and Size.

When a customer lands on the Bamboo Haus shop page, they can use the product filter dropdowns to see all products that match their criteria. For instance, if a customer is looking for all bedsheets for their king-sized mattress, they can use the Size product filter dropdown to select King and see all products and product variations for a king-sized mattress.

Similarly, if customers want to see all products that are pink, they can use the Colour filter dropdown to select the Pink Rose option. Once customers find what they’re looking for, they can use the Clear filters option to view all products or set different filters.

In addition to this, Bamboo Haus also use Hotjar to analyze how their customers are using the product filters. This allows them to consider how they can improve the styling, positioning, and other settings to maximize their usage.

Bamboo Haus

Exactly what we were looking for.
This filter is doing just what we needed. I struggled to find a filter which would work well with our product variations but this one has been working well for us. The support team has been very helpful and responsive. Would definitely recommend..


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