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Create a free-to-access resource hub

Plugin Used

Arts Active

Arts Active is a registered charity that supports people looking to enjoy the arts in a variety of different ways. They used our Document Library Pro plugin to create a front-end resource hub for visitors and share downloadable documents.

How our plugin solved their problem

Arts Active needed a way of allowing website users easy access to their arts resource hub. They were looking for a plugin that would allow users to easily search the resource hub to find the right document quickly.

In addition, they wanted a document library plugin that supported various forms of media for download and for linking. This allowed them to have the Download button download a PDF and link to an accompanying video. Since Arts Active puts everything out bilingually, they were able to offer multiple documents by setting the Download link as a ZIP file.

The resource hub has columns for each document’s image, title, excerpt, categories, tags, and download link.

When a visitor lands on the Resources page, they can choose from tags and categories using the filter options above the resource hub. Visitors also have the option to search the resource hub for a specific document using the search box. The document titles are clickable which means visitors can click them to learn more about the resource before downloading it.

The resource hub lists 25 documents per page and has a total of 4 pages that visitors can navigate to using the pagination options below the resource hub. The table is also sortable which means visitors can sort by any column in the table.

Arts Active

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It's a great plugin and has awesome support... They care about everything and are super fast and I'm happy about every bit of feedback they can add or optimize in the plugin... Best... Thanks very much!


See Document Library Pro in action on the Arts Active website.

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