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List documents on their website.

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Albury Parish Council

Albury Parish Council is the official website of the parish council including Albury, Albury Heath, Brook, Farley Green, Little London and Newlands Corner. They used our Document Library Pro plugin to list documents on their website.

How our plugin solved their problem

Albury Parish Council needed a way to list documents on their website for transparency and accountability, and to comply with legal requirements. They wanted a solution that would let them list different documents in a table layout so users can easily access them.

They’ve used the Document Library Pro plugin to list documents in a table layout on their Document Library page. The table has 3 columns – Title, Date, and Link.

Users can browse the document library to find the document or file they want to access. They can click on the title to navigate to the document’s page to view the document or click the magnifying glass icon in the Link column to preview the document in a lightbox on the same page.

Users can also click the columns in the table to sort the documents in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order, or by date (new to old or old to new).

The document library table has pagination options directly under it that lets users see more documents. It also lets users select how many documents they want to see per page.

Stu Bevan a councillor of Albury Parish Council says:

“[Document Library Pro is] easy to use with really good documentation. The meta data filters make it easy to maintain current lists. On the few times I’ve had to contact support the team have been really responsive.”

You can read the full review on Trustpilot.

Albury Parish Council


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