This position is now closed and we are not accepting any more applications.

Job description

SEO content is a key part of our sales strategy. We are looking for talented freelance writers with WordPress experience who can write articles and tutorials for the Barn2 blog on a regular basis.

You will be responsible for writing new articles and tutorials based on the detailed outlines and SEO research which we will provide. There may also be opportunities for you to refresh and improve existing content in order to increase the search rankings and conversions.

Everything you do will be focussed on sales and conversions. You will follow a data-driven content creation cycle, in which you are asked to produce new content in response to data and evidence, which is then evaluated in order to maximize its impact.

Things you’ll be doing

Depending on your skills and experience, you will be doing some or all of the following activities:

  • Creating high quality blog posts, articles and tutorials to meet the objectives on Barn2’s content calendar and business objectives. These will be based on the outlines provided.
  • Optimizing your writing for SEO according to the keywords in the article outline.
  • Formatting your work to meet Barn2’s content guidelines in terms of house style and formatting.
  • Updating and rewriting existing content - for example, to focus on a different keyword, increase the word count, or to reflect recent changes in a plugin.
  • Producing guest posts for other WordPress-related companies and blogs, based on the outline and guidelines provided.
  • Working with customers to create plugin case studies.
  • Creating well-optimized supporting images to illustrate content, including plugin screenshots.

You will need

Hard skills:

  • Basic experience of working with the WordPress CMS - for example, creating a WordPress site, managing content, or installing plugins.
  • Proven experience of writing high quality articles and tutorials for publication online.
  • SEO experience, including implementing the results of keyword research and writing SEO copy.
  • Ability to create professional screenshots to illustrate your articles, including basic image editing such as cropping and sizing images, and optimizing image size for fast load times.

Soft skills:

  • Proven experience of writing articles or tutorials about WordPress.
  • Perfect written English. If English is not your first language then your written English must be native-sounding.
  • Ability to write copy that drives outcomes, translating technical software features into benefits.
  • Ability to write in a relaxed but professional tone that reflects the Barn2 brand. Your writing must achieve the right balance between promoting our plugins without appearing too sales-driven.
  • Excellent attention to detail, with no errors or spelling mistakes.
  • Ability to describe technical software in a clear and accessible way.

Working arrangements

This is a remote freelance role. After you have been working for Barn2 for a while, then there may be opportunities for a permanent full-time role.


On your application, please include details of your pricing.