What's new in WooCommerce Product Table version 3.0?

WooCommerce Product Table is our bestselling plugin of all time. We've been working hard to make it even better. Keep reading to learn what's new.

We've just released version 3.0 of our WooCommerce Product Table plugin. Here's a summary of the new features and improvements.

Show hidden products

The top item on our feature request list is an option to display hidden products in the table.

Until now, WooCommerce Product Table always respected the WooCommerce visibility settings for each product. These are:

  • Shop and search results
  • Shop only
  • Search results only
  • Hidden

Lots of our customers have asked for a way to display hidden products in the product table. For example, you might need this if you use product tables to sell specific products which aren't available in your main shop.

In version 3.0, we've added a new option to the plugin settings page which lets you show hidden products in the table.

Variation name options for variable products

Prices for multiple products listed in a table
A product table with each variation listed on its own row

When you use the 'separate variations' option to list each variation on its own row in the table, until now the name of each variation would include both the product name and its attributes. For example, "Organic T-Shirt - Small, White".

Some of our customers want the flexibility to only show the product name or attributes, but not both. This is useful if a table already includes separate columns for the attributes; or if you're listing variations on the single product page and don't need to repeat the product name in every row.

You can now choose the variation name format on the plugin settings page.

New 'Date modified' column

We've also had requests for a 'Date modified' column which shows when the product was last updated. Previously, our knowledge base contained a code snippet on how to do this. We have now added it as a column, so you can add a date_modified column without needing to edit any code.

No more empty short descriptions

If you've included the product short description in the table, then it's a shame when this appears empty for products that don't have a short description. To stop this from happening, the main product description will now appear if no short description is available. This matches the logic in our other plugins, such as WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering.

As well as these new features, you'll benefit from many other fixes and improvements - check out the full list in the WooCommerce Product Table changelog.

Where to get WooCommerce Product Table version 3.0

If you're already using WooCommerce Product Table then you can update to version 3.0 via the WordPress dashboard. Otherwise, get the plugin and transform the way you display your products today!


  1. Hi,
    Is there a shortcode for displaying hidden products? I might want to display them on one product table but not another, but the 'show hidden products' checkbox displays them for all product tables. Thanks!

    • Hi Will, thank you for the comment. We are working on a code snippet to do this. Kindly contact us through our Support Center so that we can update you when we are done. Let me know if you have further questions at the moment.

  2. Hi there. I made a mistake when ordering. I meant to order both quick view and also table at the same time. Is it possible to add the table plugin in retrospect? Or is it best to refund the quick view plugin so I can reorder. What's the best way?



    • Hi, Derek. Thanks for purchasing a standalone license for WooCommerce Quick View Pro. ‚ÄčIt's not possible simply add WooCommerce Product Table so I will need to give you a refund, and then you can buy the two-plugin bundle for both WooCommerce Product Table and WooCommerce Quick View Pro as a separate purchase from https://barn2.com/wordpress-plugins/woocommerce-product-table/ .

      The original plugin license will stop working when I refund it, so would you like me to process the refund straight away, or do you want to get the two-plugin bundle set up first and then contact me via our Support Center for the refund?

      Many thanks,

  3. Your company's plugins are poorly compatible with Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew languages. Many of your plugin settings in WordPress Arabic, Hebrew do not work at all.

    • Hi MeMos, thank you for the feedback. I'm sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with translating the plugin. The plugin works with popular translation plugins and we have documentation on translating the plugin which you can refer to if you are having trouble. I strongly recommend getting in touch with us via our Support Center if you are still having issues so that we can assist you more effectively. Thank you.

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