The 10+ best WooCommerce custom product designer plugins in 2024

Best WooCommerce custom product designer plugins in 2022

Looking for an easy way to allow customers to customize products to meet their exact needs?

Allowing users to customize products when placing an order can greatly accelerate conversions on your eCommerce store.

WooCommerce is an excellent foundation for a product designer website. It handles all standard e-commerce tasks, such as adding basic products, inventory, tax, shipping, and payments. However, on its own, it doesn’t allow customers to place custom orders.

This is why you need to use a WooCommerce custom product designer plugin. A good product designer plugin can help you add this feature. And you can start taking orders for bespoke products that aren’t otherwise possible in WooCommerce.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the best WooCommerce product designer plugins in the market. All of these plugins will let you add custom options to products in your WooCommerce store.

Benefits of using product designer plugins

Here, we’ll dive deeper into why you should consider using a WooCommerce product designer plugin so it’s easier to understand how they can benefit your business.

Some key benefits of using WooCommerce product designer plugins include:

  • Enhances shopping experienceCreating customizable products and giving customers an easy way to choose product options or view product details when shopping from your online store is a great way to offer a unique shopping experience. Customers will be easily able to select product options and view additional information about a product before they add it to their shopping carts. This helps enhance the shopping experience and cater to all types of users, even non-tech-savvy ones.
  • Gives an interactive experience to potential customersYou can create a more interactive experience on your single product pages by displaying additional product fields or displaying products differently. This enhances the shopping experience while also making it easier for customers to shop from your online store.
  • Allows you to target new markets, which isn’t possible with WooCommerce as it comes You can create and sell custom products on your online store. For instance, you can create a customizable product such as a hoodie or t-shirt and let customers design their own hoodie or t-shirt using extra product options before they add the product to their shopping cart.

WooCommerce product designer plugins transform your single product pages and give your online store a more professional look. Without them, you’ll be stuck with default-looking WooCommerce products that customers can find on most online stores elsewhere.

Best WooCommerce product designer plugins

Here's the list of the best WooCommerce product designer plugins. Each one of the plugins listed below allows you to add product customization feature to your store easily.

1. WooCommerce Product Options

WooCommerce custom product designer t-shirt plugin

The WooCommerce Product Options plugin lets users customize products directly on the single product page. This way, they can make selections, enter a custom message, or upload a design before placing their order.

The key benefit of this is that it automates the product design process. So, instead of going back and forth with customers about the personalizations they require, you can simply let them use the product designer to customize the products or add details regarding their custom order before placing an order.

The plugin lets you add a variety of product options that are perfect for creating custom-designed products.

Some of the different product options you can add include:

WooCommerce custom t-shirt product designer plugin
  • File upload: Allow customers to upload a logo, image, or design to appear on the product.
  • Checkbox and radio button: Allow customers to configure different aspects of the product by making selections.
  • Text fields: Allow customers to add custom text that needs to be printed on the product. This is also perfect for entering custom instructions for the manufacturer to implement.
  • Dropdowns: Let customers choose from multiple options. For example, you can use this to allow users to choose a font in which the text will be printed on a product.
  • Color swatches: These are perfect for letting customers pick the product color in a more visual way.
  • Text area fields: This is ideal for products where detailed instructions related to the custom product orders are required to process them.
  • Other niche use-case product options: Apart from the ones mentioned above, you also add HTML, Visual Editor, and customer-defined price.

With the WooCommerce Product Options plugin, you can charge extra for customizations. This is a great way to upsell products and increase the average order value for your store. For example, if you give customers the option to have the product delivered in a gift box for an extra $5, they’ll be more likely to opt for it.

All upsells for custom product orders are updated automatically. You get multiple options for pricing as well, such as Flat fee, quantity-based fee, percentage increase/decrease, and character count.

There's also a conditional logic feature, where you can show and hide options in the product designer based on user selection. For example, if you're creating a WooCommerce t-shirt designer then you can hide the options for the t-shirt back until the user chooses the '2 sided' option.

WooCommerce Product Options conditional logic t-shirt designer

2. Product Designer for WooCommerce

Product Designer for WooCommerce

Product Designer for WooCommerce is a robust product designer plugin that makes it easy for customers to design and customize a product according to their specific requirements.

Key features:

  • You have full control over the shopping experience of your online store. This means you can create a customizable WooCommerce product and showcase additional options for the product.
  • Lets you add product attributes such as product color, size, gift wrap message box, or free shipping checkboxes to your customizable products.
  • Customizable products created by the plugin let your customers view the Product Designer page. This way, they can add images, clip art, text, or shapes to customize their product.
  • You can also set pricing for each extra customizable option according to your business requirements. This is a great way to charge an extra fee for customized products and increase the average order value on your online store.

3. Fancy Product Designer

Fancy Product Designer

With over 15,000 downloads, Fancy Product Designer is a popular option for creating highly customized products on your WooCommerce site.

Key features:

  • Let users customize products in various ways, including by letting them upload their own media, select colors using a color picker, add their own text, or customize the image position, size and opacity when customizing products.
  • You can customize the “product designer” and showcase product extra options in multiple ways using pre-designed layouts or by creating one yourself from scratch.

4. Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress

Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress

Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress is a product design plugin that makes it easy to create attractive-looking custom products on your online store.

Key features:

  • The plugin comes with a great-looking WordPress theme, Lumise. This gives you more options when customizing the look and feel of your single product pages.
  • You can let customers design products on your online store using an intuitive interface that’s easy to understand, even for non-tech-savvy users.
  • The editor is fully responsive and lets you create custom layouts using pre-designed templates for products, including hoodies, sneakers, mugs, business cards, stickers, caps, and t-shirts.

5. WooCommerce Custom Product Designer

WooCommerce Custom Product Designer

WooCommerce Custom Product Designer is a simple yet effective solution for creating fully customized WooCommerce products.

Key features:

  • Using the smart product builder, customers can drag and drop various elements and add multiple layers to their product directly from your single product pages.
  • Customers can add and customize text, names, or numbers, upload clipart, and save their design for future purchases, as well.
  • The plugin also lets you offer customers the ability to choose print sizes while letting you set prices based on the print size a customer selects. This gives you more control over the pricing of printable products on your online store.

6. Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce is a top-notch WordPress designer plugin that offers an easy way to display additional product options better.

Key features:

  • Display extra product options or variation options in interactive images, colors, or button swatches.
  • You have full control over how your swatches look, and you can display out-of-stock variation options on the front end of your online store.
  • The plugin works seamlessly with popular page builders, such as the Elementor page builder, allowing you to create unique-looking product pages.

7. Product Designer

Product Designer

Product Designer is a full-fledged product designer plugin that makes it easy to let customers design their custom products on your online store.

Key features:

  • You can showcase a “customize” button on your product pages. This gives your customers an easy way to design and customize products before adding them to their cart and checking out from your online store.
  • You can let customers upload their own clip art and images, add custom text using Google Fonts, or add custom shapes when customizing products.
  • The plugin is perfect for selling custom products such as hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, caps, or custom business cards.

8. WooCommerce Online Designer Tool

WooCommerce Online Designer Tool

WooCommerce Online Designer Tool is a simple yet powerful product designer tool. It comes with multiple features and options to help you make your store's custom product checkouts more efficient.

Key features:

  • The plugin lets you sell any type of personalized products on your store. Such as apparel, paper, photo, image, merchandise, or packaging products.
  • You can display a simple “customize” button on your product pages. This will help customers design their products before adding them to the shopping cart.
  • A fully responsive layout helps keep up your site’s performance and ensures a great shopping experience for all users.

9. Designer Suite for WP

Designer Suite for WP

Designer Suite for WP offers a complete solution for offering web-to-print services on your WooCommerce site. This means you can let customers design and customize products that can be printed according to their own unique requirements.

Key features:

  • The easy-to-use online product customizer lets your customers quickly make design changes when purchasing customizable products from your online store.
  • You can let customers select the design of their product using preset templates. This ensures a smoother shopping experience and drives better conversions.
  • The price is automatically calculated for the final printing according to the options the customer selects.

10. PH WooCommerce Product Addons

PH WooCommerce Product Addons

The PH WooCommerce Product Addons is a solid WooCommerce product designer plugin that makes it easy to offer all types of customizable products on your WooCommerce site.

Key features:

  • You can sell any type of customizable product that you can think of. For instance, you can sell shoes that let users customize the shoe color, design, or size accordingly. Similarly, you can also sell custom t-shirts that let customers choose their own unique size and color before adding the product to their cart.
  • You also have full control over the pricing of extra product options. This way, you can charge extra to let users customize products when purchasing from your online store.

11. WooCommerce Product Configurator

WooCommerce Product Configurator

WooCommerce Product Configurator makes it possible to display image layers for customizable products on your online store. This way, when customers make changes, all design customizations will be visually displayed to them in real time.

Key features:

  • The product customization is very easy for your customers as each customization is visually represented in the product image. This helps create an enhanced shopping experience while also letting customers make informed purchase decisions quickly.
  • You also have access to advanced product inventory management features that make it easy to edit stock levels for each product option easily.
  • You can display the product customization changes across all devices as the plugin is fully responsive.

Show lead times for custom-designed products

Custom orders can take a bit longer to manufacture and ship to customers as compared to simple products. This makes it a good idea to inform your customers about the lead time or the time it will take for their order to reach them. This helps set realistic expectations for customers who place orders with you and improves customer satisfaction.

Display WooCommerce Lead Time per product

This is why we recommend using the WooCommerce Lead Time plugin along with a product designer plugin to create the ultimate shopping experience on your online store.

This way, you don’t have to leave customers guessing about how long it will take for their custom product to arrive. The great thing about the plugin is that it can automatically calculate the lead time for custom products. So you don’t have to manually edit the code in the back-end or calculate the lead time.

For more information on how to set up lead times on your WooCommerce site, you can check out our guide on WooCommerce Lead Time so you can set realistic expectations for users who purchase custom-designed WooCommerce products from you.

Start selling custom-designed WooCommerce products

Using a product designer plugin such as WooCommerce Product Options can enable you to create an interactive shopping experience on your online store.

This is important as the default WooCommerce interface isn’t enough to encourage conversions and create an enhanced user experience. This way, you can sell all types of custom products on your online store and let customers design their products according to their own requirements before they add them to their cart and checkout from your online store.

WooCommerce Product Options is the perfect product designer plugin for eCommerce stores. It lets you create all sorts of product options and gives you the option to charge extra fees for selected options. In addition to this, the WooCommerce Product Options plugin works seamlessly with other WooCommerce plugins (like WooCommerce Lead Time), enabling you to create a unique shopping experience.

Looking for the perfect product designer plugin for your online store? Get WooCommerce Product Options today!


  1. Hello, I would like to know if there is a live demonstration to test and see better how it works live?

  2. Hi,
    I want a product designer plugin that customers can design their own coin, the design is used for laser machines, How it should work is after the customer designs their coin then pays for it then they would be able to download the design.
    No download before payment.
    Is there a plugin that can be setup like this?

    thank you tom.

    • Hi, Tom. I'd like to recommend WooCommerce Product Options. This plugin enables you to create an unlimited number of product options, including checkboxes, text areas, radio buttons, and more. If your coins require additional options in your WooCommerce product, our plugin is well-suited for this purpose. However, if your main priority is on allowing users to design their own coin and download it, then Product Designer for WooCommerce might be the better fit for your needs.

      If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Center. Have a great day!

    • Hi, Valérie. Thanks for letting us know. I see that the WooCommerce Custom Product Designer plugin was last updated in July 2019. I'm relaying this to our team for review. In the meantime, please let me know if there's anything else that we may help you with.

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