The 17 best plugins for WooCommerce discounts in 2024

The 14 Best Plugins for WooCommerce Discounts in 2023 WooCommerce discount plugin

Which Woocommerce discount plugin is best? There are so many options that the choice can be overwhelming. We've picked 17 that will unleash the full potential of discounts on your WordPress store - whatever type of discount you need to offer.

As an online store owner, discounts are a great way of drawing attention to your site and driving sales. From seasonal offers to coupon codes, they are an essential part of your toolkit.

How do I add a discount in WooCommerce?

First, I'll tell you what types of discount you can create using WooCommerce on its own. Afterwards, I'll reveal what else you can do using WooCommerce discount plugins.

WooCommerce itself has some basic discount features built-in. For example, you have the option to create your own coupon codes. A customer can then use these to gain a price reduction. There are three types of coupons you can choose from:

  1. Percentage discount. This will knock off x percent for selected products only.
  2. Fixed cart discount. This is a reduction of a specific amount, $15 for example, on the total amount in the customer's cart.
  3. Fixed product discount. This coupon reduces the price of a particular product by a fixed, total amount, let's say $5. It applies on a per-product basis, so if a customer buys three bags at $20, they get a discount of $5 per bag which adds up to a total discount of $15.

Alternatively, if you want to launch a sale, WooCommerce allows you to add a sale price to a product. Unfortunately, you have to do this manually for each product or variation. There's no way to schedule the sale to start and finish automatically, and there are no options for different types of discounts. You can't, for example, have a discount that applies for orders over a certain value.

These default features are not fit for purpose beyond the bare essentials. For anything more advanced, we must turn to plugins. These come in many different varieties, so we've divided our top 17 picks into different categories. Remember, it's not so much a question of which plugin is best as which plugin is best for you and your business.

Types of WooCommerce discount plugin

To streamline the process of choosing a discount plugin, we have split our top 17 picks into 5 categories:

  1. Dynamic pricing and discounts. In general, these plugins will automatically apply discounts when certain conditions are met, such as purchase history, product quantity, etc. Want to give 10% off when a customer spends over a specific amount? Want to give shoppers a classic 'buy one, get one free' deal, or even free products? These are the plugins for you.
  2. Coupon management. Coupons are excellent marketing devices as they can be emailed to potential customers. They also boost conversions in return for a small reduction in the sale price. Plugins can automate this process and make it more efficient and effective.
  3. Wholesale and role-based discounts. Perhaps your store caters to wholesale as well as retail customers with different prices for each. These plugins allow your site to effortlessly distinguish between different types of customers and display the appropriate prices.
  4. Gift cards and promotions. The sale of gift cards is a great way to attract business, but you'll need a plugin to manage and track store credit. Also featured here are plugins for site-wide promotions and optimizing the impact of coupons.
  5. Customized discount plugins. Have an idea for a unique promotion or discount that can't be done by any of the above? Look no further.

The WooCommerce discount plugin, or plugins, you choose will ultimately depend on what kind of business you are running. If you have a large catalog and are selling in bulk, dynamic pricing may be more useful than role-based discounts. However, if you're selling more specialized items to repeat customers, the reverse may be true.

In the 17 WooCommerce discount plugins that follow, you will find detailed information, specific scenarios, and use cases that will help you make an informed decision.

Dynamic pricing and discounts plugins

WooCommerce discount plugin

As we've seen, while discounts are an excellent way of drawing attention, the default WooCommerce options for discounts are pretty limited. Not only does it restrict you to a very small number of discount types, but activating them is also a slow and tedious process.

Dynamic pricing and discounts plugins greatly expand your options and allow you to implement your chosen discounts swiftly and easily. So, if you're scratching your head and asking, "How do I add a 20% discount in WooCommerce?" or "How do I set discount rules in WooCommerce?", then this is the right section for you.

Here are the 4 best WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugins to get the job done.

WooCommerce Discount Manager

WooCommerce Discount Manager Plugin

WooCommerce Discount Manager is the best discount plugin by far. That's because it lets you create a wide range of discounts, AND display them on the front end of your website. Not many plugins will do both!

Key features

WooCommerce Discount Manager add discount type
  • Product discounts: Create a choice of 6 different types of discounts.
  • Advanced control: Create storewide discounts or apply them to specific categories or products only. You can also restrict discounts to specific user roles, or even offer unique pricing for individual customers.
  • Scheduled sales: Create scheduled sales with a specific start or end date - no need to set up your sales manually.
  • User-friendly interface: The plugin's user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up advanced discounts in minutes.
  • Display discounts: Add prominent notices to display on product pages, or display tiered pricing tables of your quantity discounts.
Display tiered pricing tables to encourage customers to buy more

To learn more, watch this video of the discount plugin in action:


WooCommerce Discount Manager is our top pick because it lets you create and display literally any kind of discount. It's easy to use and comes with incredibly comprehensive documentation and a full 30-day money back guarantee.

It has lots of features that you don't see in other WooCommerce discount plugins. For example, the way that it displays discounts on product page and in the cart can directly help to increase your sales.

YayPricing – WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

YAYPricing WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Discounts

YayPricing is next on this list thanks to its wide range of WooCommerce pricing rules and discount types. It can apply combined product discounts with shipping discounts. And if needed, you can exclude specific products or WooCommerce coupons.

To target the right customers, you can add further conditions to each pricing rule. For example, offering user role based bulk discount pricing or discounted product prices to registered members.

Exclusively, YayPricing allows you to dynamically display custom messages on product page or cart based on specific roles. These upsell notices help the users see the member price when logged in and get that discounted price once the requirements are met.

Key features

  • Product discounts: Buy X get Y, Buy one get one free, category discounts, etc.
  • Cart discounts: Order subtotal discounts, discount per individual cart item, and more.
  • Shipping discounts: Free domestic shipping on orders of $50 or more, or discounts based standard shipping rate.
  • Customer loyalty rewards: Automatically apply discounts based on customer order history, purchase date, or ordered products.
  • Custom fees & flexible shipping rules.


Customers like discounts. That’s for sure.

WooCommerce dynamic pricing and discounts offer your ecommerce brand many key benefits such as reducing cart abandonment, driving your customers to make a purchase, and increasing your average order value.

Fortunately, you can download the free version of YayPricing and start doing it today completely risk-free.

YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

How do I display a discount price in WooCommerce? YITH’s plugin has an answer to that and more. Flush with features, it aims to resolve any discount queries that may arise.

Key features

  • Apply a discount on the whole shop or a specific product
  • Set up the most popular promotions, such as buy one get one free
  • Bulk discounts
  • Role-based discounts
  • Schedule discounts and promotions that start and end automatically
  • Display discounted prices instead of the original price on the front end of your website


Not only does this plugin address some of the most common obstacles people face in WooCommerce, but it also provides a truckload of other features to boot. It has a clean interface and good support. All in all, well worth the price.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing

This official WooCommerce extension seeks to add increased functionality to discounts.

Key features

  • Apply a discount on the whole shop or a specific product
  • Set up the most popular promotions, such as buy one get one free
  • Bulk discounts
  • Role-based discounts


WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing is a perfectly serviceable and reliable plugin, although its list of features is not quite as exhaustive as YITH’s version. Considering the two plugins are the same price, it leaves something to be desired.

Woo Discount Rules

This handy plugin by FlyCart is the cheapest in our dynamic discounts category. Activate discounts from the product page to the checkout.

Key features

  • Apply a discount on the whole shop or a specific category of products
  • Set up the most popular promotions, such as buy one get one free
  • Bulk discounts
  • Role-based discounts
  • Schedule discounts and promotions that start and end automatically


YITH still has the edge because of its ability to display discounted prices on the front end, but Discount Rules is a very close second as well as being half the cost. If value for money is your top priority, this should be your top pick.

Coupon management plugins

Coupons are a splendid sales tactic that have stood the test of time. They act as both a marketing device to draw people into your store and as a means to drive conversions once the potential customers are in place. Even a small reduction in the original price can tempt a customer to buy.

The default WooCommerce coupon functionality is enough to get started, but there are limits that can't be ignored if you're serious about coupons. If you want to automate your coupon distribution, add more discount types, or do anything else coupon-related, check out the following plugins.

WooCommerce discount plugin

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce

This is a handy plugin with both a free and pro version available. It adds more discount types, makes it easier for you to organize your coupons, and makes it easier for the customers to use them.

Key features

  • Adds a BOGO (buy one get one) coupon type
  • Allows you to add store credit which can be used for refunds
  • Adds categories so you can easily keep track of all your coupons
  • Gives your customers the option to apply a coupon via URL so they don't have to type out a code at checkout

Hungry for more features? The premium version does even more:

  • Adds a BOGO (buy one get one) coupon type
  • Automatically add free gift or discounted products when a customer uses a coupon
  • Auto-apply coupon codes
  • Generate coupon reports to find out what's working well
  • Add more comprehensive usage limits


Advanced Coupons expands significantly on the options available for WooCommerce by default. If you want to experiment with coupons for free before buying a more advanced plugin, you’ve come to the right place.

WT Smart Coupons

Another free plugin, WT Smart Coupons is comparable to Advanced Coupons, although there's no pro version.

Key features

  • Auto-apply coupons
  • Allow customers to view all available coupons from their account page
  • Giveaway coupons
  • Customize coupon appearance
  • Seasonal coupons (customize start and end dates)
  • Duplicate coupons instead of starting from scratch
  • Display coupons both for the cart items and the product page


Both of the free coupon plugins highlighted here have some distinct features. The optimal choice depends on which specific features you wish to access.

YITH WooCommerce Coupon Email System

Adding coupon codes to your e-commerce store is one thing. Distributing them is another. This plugin seeks to maximize the email marketing potential of coupons on your site.

Key features

Automatically send coupons to:

  • Newly registered users
  • Users that have spent over a certain amount
  • All users on their birthday
  • To everyone a certain number of days after their last purchase


Although it doesn’t include tools for making coupons, this superb plugin optimizes their impact.

Wholesale and role-based WooCommerce discount plugins

Let’s say you run an online store that sells coffee beans. You likely have both retail and wholesale buyers. You want to give your wholesale customers access to a special bulk-buy discount while another specific user pays the regular price. How do you do this?

One solution is a plugin that implements role-based pricing. In other words, you'll have the ability to sort your users into different roles, each of which has access to a different set of prices and discounts.

This type of WooCommerce discount plugin is not just useful for wholesalers, but also for any store owner that needs to separate their customers into different categories or roles.

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro

woocommerce discount plugin

This plugin is a one-stop shop for wholesalers. Unlike other plugins, which provide more basic options for creating roles, it is comprehensive and easy to use.

Key features

  • Add a hidden area on your site that only designated roles can see
  • Create an unlimited number of user roles
  • Give percentage discounts to various roles, for the whole store or certain categories
  • Custom discounted prices for individual products
  • Register new users for roles with ease
  • Tiered pricing


Wholesale Pro will give you the ability to quickly and easily manage your roles without limits.

Gift cards and promotional discounts plugins

The gift card and promotional sales are two classic and effective ways to boost your sales. If you want to make use of them, you'll have to find the right plugin because there's no way to do it with WooCommerce alone.

These plugins will enable you to create and design gift cards, allow users to redeem gift cards for store credit, and add a whole host of features to improve your promotional sales.

Sitewide Sales

sitewide sales plugin

We've already seen plugins that allow you to add sales, define the relevant category of products, and set a time limit. However, a promotional sale is as much about presentation as it is about discounts. That's where Sitewide Sales comes in.

Key features

  • Create, customize, and launch your sale from a single settings page
  • Define the type of discount, whether it's cart based or on the product page, and the amount of the reduction
  • Add banners and notifications to the front end of your site, promoting the sale
  • Write custom messages that appear before, during, and after the sale


This is a useful WooCommerce discount plugin with a sharp focus, allowing you to highlight your promotions more effectively and monitor their performance.

Advanced WooCommerce Gift Cards

This plugin aims to provide you with everything you need to implement gift cards in your store from the design of the cards to the store credit system.

Key features

  • Choose from design templates or upload your own
  • Allow customers to easily send gift cards to friends upon purchase
  • Personalized messages
  • Redeems to store credit
  • Anti-fraud built-in


A premium plugin, Advanced WooCommerce Gift Cards is very comprehensive and includes all the necessary features to make gift cards available on your site.

woocommerce discount plugin

WooCommerce Coupon Shortcodes

Coupon Shortcodes is a plugin for increasing the visibility of coupons in your store by prompting customers to use them when possible. For example, a usable coupon might pop up if a customer's cart items are compatible.

Key features

  • Offer relevant coupons when the items in their shopping cart apply to it
  • Suggest that they purchase additional items to qualify for certain promotions
  • Reveal products based on the validity of a coupon
  • Coupon notifications and offers that appear at the checkout


Once you create a promotion or conditional discount, this will help you seal the deal by smoothing the way for the customer.

Other types of WooCommerce discount plugin

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Don't worry, the following plugins go into even greater depth and allow you to offer discounts of greater complexity on your WooCommerce store, whatever your specifications.

WooCommerce Product Options

If your WordPress store sells custom products, a boilerplate WooCommerce discount plugin might not work the way you need it to. If a customer can swap out multiple different parts and components when crafting their order, how are you supposed to offer discounts based on their selections?

WooCommerce Product Options is the answer. Unlike the other plugins on this list, it lets you discount a product based on the customer's selected options. How does it do this?

Give a discount when the customer selects certain options

With a few simple clicks, you can add a checkbox or a radio button to a product that gives the customer options. You can decide how much each option affects the price by clicking on Percentage Decrease.

Let's say you sell custom computers. The default processor on one of the available PCs is too expensive for a customer, but they can choose another one from a list, and the price changes accordingly.

Create a custom product price formula

What if your products can be ordered to exact specifications with too many possibilities to fit on a short list of options? For example, a furniture store that lets customers define the exact measurements of a coffee table. This is what a custom cost formula or measurement price calculator is for.

This is when a customer types in their specifications, whether it's length, weight, volume, or anything else, and the price is automatically calculated.


This plugin strikes a fine balance between providing in-depth customization options and maintaining a smooth, simple interface. It should be your first port of call if you provide custom products or services whose prices vary depending on the selected components. A top-shelf WooCommerce discount plugin.

WISDM Customer-Specific Pricing for WooCommerce

Is dividing your customers into roles not sufficient? Do you have to tailor the price of your product or service to each specific user? This plugin gives you the tools to add quantity-based pricing, reductions on the order total, and other handy tools.

Key features

  • Set personalized prices for customers
  • Multiple pricing tiers for bulk purchases
  • System for delegating quote request emails
  • Apply role-based and tiered pricing
  • Cart discounts and product page discounts
  • Apply discounts according to purchase history


Not only does this plugin provide a combination of dynamic pricing and role-based options, but it also gives you a huge degree of flexibility and customization for each feature. If you regularly alter your prices based on individual quotes, this is the plugin for you.

YITH WooCommerce Share for Discounts

Do you want to encourage your customers to share your products on social media? This WooCommerce discount plugin allows you to give discounts in exchange for a customer sharing your product page on their personal social media accounts.

Key features

  • Product sharing through Twitter, LinkedIn, or email
  • Customize the discount  and final sale price that is given in return


This allows you to take a unique and creative approach to marketing and discounts on your WordPress store.

Payment Gateway-Based Fees and Discounts for WooCommerce

This plugin enables you to add a fee or a discount to a customer's order based on which payment method they choose. This is not an option on standard dynamic pricing plugins and it allows you to encourage or discourage certain payment methods according to your preferences.

Key features

  • Add a custom discount or fee to any WooCommerce payment method
  • Make the discount/fee apply on a global/per-product basis as you choose


There are many reasons you might want to encourage or discourage a particular payment method, not least because you likely have to pay fees when a customer uses one over another. This can be a handy plugin in certain situations.

Category Discount WooCommerce

Most category discount plugins require you to create all of the categories from scratch in the plugin’s interface after you install them. Category Discount WooCommerce aims to save you the trouble by using the pre-existing categories that you set up in your shop.

Key features

  • Apply discounts by product category, attributes, tags, and brand
  • Schedule discounts for later dates
  • Add maximum discount to a product if it has multiple categories etc


This is especially handy if you're working with a large and complex catalog of products! It also works like a standard, if somewhat feature-light, dynamic discounts plugin.

Advice on choosing the right WooCommerce discount plugin

The process of choosing the right discount plugin(s) can be a daunting task, but don't worry: there are some general guidelines you can follow.

  1. Don't be afraid to use more than one plugin. If you have to mix and match to get all of your desired features, that's ok. Just be sure to test carefully in case there are any unforeseen compatibility issues. To reduce the risk, make sure each discount plugin works on your store in a different way where they don't have to interact directly with each other.
  2. Take the ease of use into account. A plugin that is jam-packed with features and customization options can get pretty complex. Keep it as simple as possible.
  3. Check the description and reviews for information about support. This will be important if you struggle to implement a plugin or encounter compatibility issues.

Above all, consider the individual needs of your store. The goal is to match the plugin to your store, not your store to the plugin.

What is the best WooCommerce discount plugin?

Although each of the 17 plugins listed above concern product discounts, most of them have little else in common. Therefore, it's not possible to declare an overall winner. If you came here hoping for a definitive answer to the question, "What is the best WooCommerce discounts plugin?" you may be disappointed.

That being said, there are a few standouts from each category that deserve special mention.

  • WooCommerce Discount Manager is the best plugin for creating and displaying dynamic discounts based on certain rules.
  • YITH WooCommerce Coupon Email System for its focus on the distribution of coupons, a key factor in their overall success.
  • WooCommerce Wholesale Pro is in a league of its own in terms of wholesale and role-based plugins.
  • For gift cards and promotions, WooCommerce Coupon Shortcodes. The emphasis on presentation and user experience shines through.
  • In custom discount plugins, the winner is Barn2's own WooCommerce Product Options. It's the smoothest, simplest solution to problems that standard discount plugins don't typically address. Dynamically discount the price based on the product options which the customer selects.

Don't be afraid to experiment! Ultimately, the best way to choose a WooCommerce discount plugin is to try out a few options. You'll soon find the perfect match for your store.

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