Introducing our new WooCommerce Variation Price plugin

WooCommerce Variation Prices Plugin

Did you know that the format of your variable product prices can affect your sales? With the new WooCommerce Variation Price plugin, you can take control and display pricing in a way that maximizes your sales.

If your WooCommerce store has variable products where the variations are different prices, you'll know that the way these prices are displayed is pretty limited. WooCommerce doesn't give you any options for formatting the price of the variable product - it simply displays it as a low-high range at the top of the single product page.

To solve the problem, today we have launched our brand new plugin - WooCommerce Variation Prices. In just 2 minutes, you can replace the price range with any format you like. You can also hide it completely, and even make it update dynamically when a variation is selected.

Note: WooCommerce Variation Prices was acquired by our friends at Kestrel in March 2024. It is now available on the Kestrel website

What's wrong with the default variation price range in WooCommerce?

Unfortunately, using the default display for the WooCommerce variation price can have negative consequences - both for you and your customers:

  • Showing the lowest and highest price for a variation can be bad for buyer psychology because you are drawing attention to the highest possible price. As a result, it can lose you sales and reduce your conversion rate - a disaster for any store owner! Unless the customer manually selects a variation with a lower price, they will never know which options are within their budget. They are put off by the highest price, and are likely to leave the page and look elsewhere.
  • Customers can only see the actual price when they select a variation. This wastes their time as they might have to click through a lot of variations to find a price they're happy with.
  • A price range may not fit with the type of products you're selling. For example, what if you sell products or variations by weight and need to add "per kilogram" after the variation price range?
  • You may simply find that the current format isn't clear, and want to change the wording or format to suit your customers or country. This could be something as simple as replacing the dash with a slash or the word 'to'.

While the above problems should be easy to solve, WooCommerce doesn't provide any alternate options for changing the variation price format. That's why you need WooCommerce Variation Prices.

What does the WooCommerce Variation Price plugin do?

List all variation prices WooCommerce
Change the variation price format - you can even list each price option individually

The new WooCommerce Variation Price plugin gives you total control over the variable product price format throughout your store. Wherever WooCommerce normally displays the default price range, now you can replace this with any format you like - or hide the price completely.

Below is a quick summary of the plugin's main features, or you can see the plugin in action in this video:

  • Change the variation price format in WooCommerce:
    • Replace the price range separator with text or any other symbol (e.g. "$50 / $100" or $50 to $100).
    • Show the minimum or maximum variation price instead of a range (e.g. "From $50" or "Up to $100").
    • List the price of each variation individually, instead of a range. That way, customers can see all price options without having to select a variation.
    • Create custom variation price formats to your exact requirements.
  • Hide the main price until a variation is selected.
  • Replace the price range with the selected variation price.
  • Enable the new price format for variable products, grouped products, or both.

It's super flexible, and only takes a couple of minutes to set up.

Can I use it with my existing Barn2 plugins?

WooCommerce Variation Prices Bulk Variations
You can use WooCommerce Variation Price with other plugins, such as WooCommerce Bulk Variations

If you're an existing Barn2 customer, then you'll know that we always design our plugins to work together. The new Variation Price WooCommerce plugin is no exception.

For example:

  • When you create a WooCommerce order form with our Product Table plugin, the new variation price format appears in the 'price' column.
  • Stores using our WooCommerce Quick View plugin will see the amended variation price in the product lightbox.
  • If you're using it with WooCommerce Bulk Variations then the reformatted variation price range appears above the bulk variations grid.
  • When you use it with WooCommerce Wholesale Pro, the new variation price display will show the correct pricing for each user role. For example, wholesale users see the variation price with the correct wholesale discounts, whereas normal customers see the regular price.

Where to get the plugin

WooCommerce Variation Prices is available now, so get it today - you'll be up and running within minutes.

I'd love to know what you think of the new WooCommerce Variation Price plugin. Please leave a comment below.


  1. The Woocommerce Variation Price plugin introduces style tags into the JSON output of the Woocommerce product feeds and breaks product imports. Tall Man Equipment is having this problem currently.

    Instead of proper JSON, your plugin prepends:

    .woocommerce-variation-price{ display: none !important;}

    Which of course then breaks json_decode and the store cannot export their catalog fully.

    Should be straightforward to fix.

    • Hi, Morgan. Thanks for your comment. I'm sorry to hear you're having this difficulty on your (clients) site. So that we can assist you with this best and be able to pull up your Barn2 Account, please could you contact us at using the email address that was used when you (or your client) purchased the plugin - or please submit a plugin support request via our dedicated Support Center and be sure to include your plugin License key, and we'll get to you as quickly as possible.

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