How to allow file uploads for WooCommerce customers

Allow file uploads for WooCommerce

Are you looking for a way to enable file uploads on your WooCommerce store? Discover how to add a file uploads field quickly and easily with the WooCommerce Product Options plugin.

File uploads are a great addition to WooCommerce stores that need to offer customizable and personalized products. They not only allow customers to upload their own unique designs, but they also make your store stand out from the competition. However, there’s no way to implement them with the default WooCommerce configuration.

In this tutorial, we’re going to explain the importance of file uploads, and give you a step-by-step guide on how to enable them on your store. We'll use the WooCommerce Product Options plugin, which not only allows you to add a file upload field but also includes a bunch of other options for making your products truly customizable.

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WooCommerce print on demand POD business card printing
A WooCommerce print shop with file upload fields

Understanding the importance of file uploads for WooCommerce customers

File upload fields are an important feature for WooCommerce stores that sell customizable products. Allowing customers to upload files on the product page adds flexibility to your WooCommerce store. This might include image uploads, or any other file type such as attaching a PDF to a product.

Instead of relying on pre-defined options or limited choices, a file upload field allows customers to upload their own custom designs. This gives them creative control over their purchases, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

While there are various ways to add file upload fields to WordPress, a WooCommerce file upload field is specific to e-commerce. That is, allows customers to upload a file to a product they are ordering:

File upload option for tshirt

As the default WooCommerce configuration doesn't include a facility for customers to upload files to products, you'll need to use a third-party WooCommerce file upload plugin.

WooCommerce Product Options is a popular WordPress plugin that includes the file upload field option. Not only this, but it also includes other field types to help you create a fully customizable and personalizable product.

Benefits of file uploads for businesses and customers

Customers love having the ability to provide detailed specifications for their orders. In fact, 81% of ecommerce customers in a recent survey were willing to pay more for a configurable product. This shows how offering file uploads can positively impact your revenue as an ecommerce store.

Another significant advantage of it is the time-saving aspect for you as well as the customers. By offering a file upload field, you simplify the communication process and eliminate the need for manual requests for additional details. This streamlined approach reduces back-and-forth communication and facilitates a smoother order fulfillment process. Not only this, but it also results in accuracy and precision, as customers get exactly the same design that they uploaded.

Other than these, file uploads can also be beneficial when you need additional details from customers to process their orders. For instance, customers may need to provide documents like prescriptions or identity proof. Either way, adding file upload fields to WooCommerce will help you fulfill their requirements promptly.

Essentially, allowing file uploads on product pages gives shoppers a level of personalization that fosters brand loyalty which encourages them to shop again.

Here are a few key benefits that come with providing a file upload option to customers
  • Diverse product range - The most obvious benefit is that you can expand your product offerings to include customizable items that were previously not feasible. Customers can submit their unique designs, enabling you to offer a wide range of personalized products.
  • Competitive advantage - Integrating file uploads for customization distinguishes your WooCommerce store from competitors that may not provide such an option. This feature can attract customers seeking unique or personalized products and differentiate the store in a crowded market.
  • Upselling opportunities - Offering file uploads opens up opportunities to generate additional revenue. You can charge customers an extra fee to incorporate their design, increasing the average order value.
  • Fewer returns - If customers can manually personalize their products with file uploads, or add important documents at the point of purchase, it leads to a better experience, better reviews, and fewer returns or exchanges.

Now that we have explored the benefits, let's check out the different types of WooCommerce products that may benefit from an upload files field.

What types of WooCommerce products need a file upload field?

The ability to upload files on the product page is great for businesses that provide customizable or personalized products.

Some of these businesses are:

  • Custom T-shirts and Apparel Stores
    Customers can upload their custom t-shirt designs, logos, or artwork to be printed on the garments.
  • Electronic Accessories Stores
    Customers can provide their designs for custom cases, skins, or panels, ensuring a perfect fit and look for their gadgets.
  • Branding Stores
    Businesses can ensure accurate branding by allowing customers to upload logos or graphics for promotional materials, packaging, and merchandise.
  • Engraving Stores
    Customers can upload custom designs, texts, or images to be engraved on jewelry, trophies, or gift items.
  • Gift Stores
    Customers can upload images, messages, or personalized content to create customized gifts for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings.
  • Print Stores
    Customers can submit their print-ready files for business cards, flyers, or posters, ensuring accurate printing results.
  • Bespoke Fashion Brands
    Customers can provide measurements or design inspirations for custom-made garments.

Since these stores rely on the customers for providing their own designs, adding an upload file button makes for a smooth, efficient fulfillment process.

Although it might sound difficult to implement it on your store, WooCommerce Product Options makes the process easy.

In the next section, we'll take a look at how to install this WooCommerce upload files plugin and use it to accept files from customers.

Detailed guide: Adding a file upload field to WooCommerce

WooCommerce Product Options is a premium plugin that allows customers to upload any file type, including transparent PNG files, and set a maximum file size, should you wish.

woocommerce product options

The plugin also lets customers personalize other aspects of the product. For example, a print store using WooCommerce Product Options would be able to let customers customize their paper type, font, and paper weight alongside the custom design they upload.

WooCommerce print on demand POD business card printing

You can also add fees for custom file uploads, and set the upload field to only appear when another product option is chosen, using conditional logic.

With full documentation and expert support available, WooCommerce Product Options is easy to set up and start accepting file uploads on your store. Let's look at how to install it on your website.

Adding file upload field to the product page

Start by purchasing the WooCommerce Product Options plugin and installing it on your website.

After installation, navigate to the Products Product Options tab in the WooCommerce Admin Dashboard sidebar.

To start adding a file upload option, click the Add Group button and give it a name.

woocommerce product options add new options group woocommerce add text field to product

Next, choose the product categories for which you want to enable file uploads. For example, if you want to enable it only for the personalized cake category but not for other cakes, choose your personalized cake category under ‘Inclusions.’

If you don’t want to offer file uploads for a whole category, you can also set the plugin to include this feature for specific products only.

Scroll down and click the ‘Add option’ button. This will bring up a window of different options that you can add to the product or product category that you chose. Select the ‘File upload’ option and give it a name.

Select files upload field from the WooCommerce product options

You can then set a label (the text that appears next to the file upload feature on the product page), price type (whether you want to charge a fee or percentage for the ability to upload files), and a description (the text that appears below the option) for your file upload setting.

Add field label and description

You can also choose whether to make file uploads a required field before adding the product to the cart page.

Setting maximum file sizes and types

If you want to limit the number or size of files that customers can upload, expand the ‘Advanced settings’ toggle from the options screen. This will open a number of settings that allow you to define the maximum file size and number of files.

set maximum upload file size and file types in WooCommerce Product Options settings

These settings can be helpful for stores that have limited storage space or hosting restrictions. They serve as a preventive measure, ensuring that customers cannot upload large files that may slow down your WooCommerce store.

You can also set allowed file types that users can upload. WooCommerce Product Options supports all WordPress-supported file formats such as PNG, JPEG, and PDF files. This is useful for stores that, for example, must accept specific types of files for printing.

Charging a price for file uploads

If you wish to monetize the file upload feature on your store, you can choose from the following pricing structures:

Flat fee

  • This setting allows you to charge a fixed fee to customers for the ability to upload their own files.
  • Alternatively, you can charge a flat fee for the first file upload, and no extra charge for the rest.

Quantity-based fee

  • This setting allows you to charge a specific amount for a certain number of file uploads.

Percentage increase and percentage decrease

  • These settings allow you to increase the price of the product by a certain percentage when the file upload option is used. For example, if you run a gift store, you might want to charge 15% extra for personalized gift cards.

Set the price next to the label by first selecting the price type and then entering the amount or percentage to charge.

That's it. You can now visit the single product page on the frontend to access the file upload button. Customers can drag and drop the file, which will be visible on the cart page and during the checkout process.

WooCommerce personalized cake product with files upload option

The same link will also be visible on the order details page and in their order confirmation email notification.

As the store owner, you can find the customer uploaded files on the individual order page by going to WooCommerce → Orders.

WooCommerce Order details showing the uploaded files

Add more personalization options for customers

WooCommerce Product Options also lets you add other types of options such as checkbox, dropdown, radio buttons, text input, image buttons, and more. These product addons allow you to further personalize your products.

For example, you can add new text input field to let customers add a personalized message on products.

Enhance your WooCommerce site with files upload field today

Implementing file uploads on your site can be a game-changer. Allowing your WooCommerce customers to upload files directly on the product page not only saves time but also sets your store apart from competitors.

With the use of WooCommerce Product Options, online stores that sell personalized products can easily add file upload fields. The plugin allows customers to submit their own designs, artwork, or important documents directly on the WooCommerce product page.

It includes extensive features, such as maximum file type and sizes and file upload pricing structures. You also get conditional logic that allow it to cater to diverse business needs.

It also comes with a range of other customization options to allow store owners to sell all kinds of configurable and custom products.

Enhance your customer experience today with the best customer file upload plugin.


  1. Is it possible for my clients to see the files they have uploaded via their My Account page, and to upload documents here after an order has been placed?

    • Hi Lee! Yes. Customers will be able to see the files they have uploaded in their My Account page via the 'Orders' section but they will no longer be able to upload documents once an order has been placed. Should you have further questions, please reach us via our Support Center. Thanks!

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