The best way to setup local pickup in WooCommerce [2024]

The Best Way to Setup Local Pickup in WooCommerce

WooCommerce local pickup (also known as WooCommerce click and collect) lets customers place their orders online and collect them from a physical location. In this detailed guide, I'll show you how to set up local pickup in WooCommerce. Also, I'll show you a simple yet highly-effective way to optimize your store's shipping experience and boost conversions.

Would you like to add a local pickup option to your WooCommerce store?

Offering local pickup is an excellent way to provide customers with the combined conveniences of shopping online and picking up their orders in person.

Fortunately, if you're a WooCommerce user, setting up local pickup is a relatively straightforward process. If you follow all the steps outlined in this tutorial, you'll have WooCommerce local pickup set up in no time.

And that's not all. You'll also learn how to give customers easy access to information about shipping and pickup options with WooCommerce Shipping Calculator. This handy plugin shows customers if they qualify for local pickup (as well as other available shipping options) before adding products to their cart.

What is local pickup?

WooCommerce local pickup (also called WooCommerce click and collect) is a built-in shipping method that lets customers place orders online and collect their purchased items directly from a specified physical location instead of having them shipped to their address.

Unlike traditional shipping methods where the products are delivered to the customer's address, local pickup provides a convenient delivery option for customers who prefer to collect their orders themselves. 

Offering various shipping options in your WooCommerce store helps give your customers a well-rounded shopping experience. Click and collect is particularly useful for businesses that have physical stores or designated pickup points where customers can collect their orders. Also, it benefits local customers who want to save on shipping costs or receive their products quickly.

In addition, there might be customers located outside your usual delivery area who are interested in purchasing from your store. With the click and collect option, these customers can place orders and opt for local pickup as their preferred shipping method. This enables you to serve customers who may otherwise be unable to shop from your store due to shipping restrictions.

Advantages of offering WooCommerce local pickup

If you run an eCommerce store, you already know that providing convenient shipping and order fulfillment options is crucial to keeping customers happy. Offering a WooCommerce click and collect option has numerous benefits for your business and your customers. Let's explore the top ones:

Key benefits

  • Cost savings for businesses and customersShipping and delivery fees can significantly influence shoppers' buying decisions. Offering a local pickup option eliminates shipping fees. Customers who prefer to collect their orders directly from your physical store or designated pickup point can easily do so without paying for shipping. Also, click and collect helps your business reduce expenses for shipping carriers and packaging materials.
  • Convenience and flexibilityLocal pickup gives customers a convenient and flexible option to receive their purchases. Customers can choose an appropriate pickup location and time slot within your business hours that suits their schedules instead of waiting for deliveries or worrying about missed delivery dates and packages. This significantly enhances the overall customer experience and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Personalization and customer engagementOffering a WooCommerce local pickup option creates opportunities for in-person interactions with your customers. When customers visit your pickup location, you have the chance to engage with them directly, provide personalized assistance, and build rapport with them. These face-to-face interactions can build trust and strengthen customers' relationships with your business.
  • Increased salesIncreased foot traffic from customers that opted for local pickup can drive additional sales for your business. Typically, customers who choose WooCommerce click and collect are those that prefer immediate access to products or who want to save on shipping costs. When customers come to your physical location to pick up their orders, they may choose to check out additional products that you sell and buy them.
  • Reduced carbon footprintLocal pickup is more environmentally friendly than other shipping options. It eliminates the need for packaging materials and transportation required for traditional shipping methods. Encouraging local pickup promotes sustainable practices and aligns your store with environmentally conscious values. This can resonate with customers who prioritize shopping from eco-friendly businesses.
  • Enhanced brand perceptionDelivering a seamless pickup experience for your customers enhances your brand perception and differentiates it from competitors. The WooCommerce click and collect option allows customers to experience your brand in real life. Positive experiences with your business can lead to word-of-mouth referrals and positive reviews, which strengthens your brand image.

How to set up local pickup in WooCommerce

Wondering "how do I set up local pickup in WooCommerce?" That's what we'll cover in this section. I will assume you have already installed and activated the WooCommerce plugin on your website. Now, let's set up local pickup and collection:

Access the WooCommerce settings tab

  1. Sign in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Go to WooCommerceSettingsShipping to access your store's shipping settings.
  3. Under the Shipping Zones section, click on the "Add Shipping Zone" button.
WooCommerce local pickup

Create WooCommerce shipping zones

  1. Type in a descriptive name for the shipping zone. For this tutorial, we've entered "US & Canada". 
  2. Add locations to the zone by selecting countries, states, or postcodes in the "Zone region" field. 
WooCommerce click and collect

Add a local pickup option

  1. Click on the "Add Shipping Method" button.
  2. You'll see various shipping options, such as flat rate shipping, free shipping and local pickup. Choose "Local Pickup" from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on the "Add Shipping Method" button on the pop-up box.
WooCommerce local pickup 2

Configure the local pickup option

  1. Once you enable local pickup, additional settings page will appear for the selected zone.
  2. Customize the local pickup options according to your store's needs:
    • Title: Enter the name you want to display to customers for the local pickup option. Use a name that's easy for customers to understand that the local pickup shipping method is available. For example, you can use "Local Pickup", "In-Store Pickup", "Click and collect", "local delivery" or even the name of your physical location.
WooCommerce click and collect 2
    • Tax status: Select whether you want to apply taxes based on your tax configuration. This setting will depend on your specific tax requirements and regulations.
    • Cost: If you want to charge a fee for local pickup, enter the amount in this field. Leave it as "0" if you don't want to charge additional fees.

Select the "Save changes" option from the bottom of the page to save your settings.

That's about it! You're all set to offer local pickup as a shipping option in your WooCommerce store. As the site admin, you'll be able to see the selected shipping method, order status, and relevant order details on the order page and order email.

Adding local pickup to multiple shipping zones, including 'Rest of the world'

You'll notice that in the previous section, one of the key steps is to create shipping zones and add the local pickup option to each of them. That's because in WooCommerce, shipping zones define where your business delivers orders.

Shipping zones are the specific geographical areas your store ships to. You can create shipping zones based on countries, states, or regions. Also, depending on your shipping strategy, each zone can include one or multiple states or countries. For instance, you can create a shipping zone for Canada and another one for Europe.

Creating shipping zones helps to tailor your store's shipping methods and rates based on each customer's location. This ensures that WooCommerce calculates and applies the correct shipping fees for each order.

Setting up shipping zones in WooCommerce is easy. Simply repeat steps 1-3 in the previous section to create as many shipping zones as required.

What is the "Rest of the world" shipping zone?

If you don't define a specific shipping zone for a particular country/s or region/s, WooCommerce automatically creates a zone called "Rest of the World" and adds these areas to it.

To illustrate the "Rest of the world" shipping zone with an example: Let's say that your store ships orders from California, USA, and you've created these three shipping zones:

  1. California
  2. All US states and territories except California
  3. United Kingdom and Ireland

In this situation, WooCommerce will automatically create a fourth zone called "Rest of the World" and add any other location that doesn't fall into the three zones you created. This means that customers located in Canada, Sweden, Spain, Australia, and everywhere else will be added to the "Rest of the World" zone.

By default, the "Rest of the World" zone doesn't have any predefined shipping methods or rates assigned to it. As the store owner, you need to configure the desired shipping methods and rates for this zone.

Adding local pickup as a shipping method within the 'Rest of the World' shipping zone is a valuable strategy to cater to all customers. Here's why:
  • It promotes your physical location: Even if customers cannot visit your store or pickup location when placing an order, adding the local pickup option means they are aware of it for possible future visits.
  • Flexibility for travelers and visitors: The "Rest of the World" zone includes customers from various countries who may be temporarily located in your area, for example, travelers and visitors. Offering local pickup gives them the flexibility to make purchases and conveniently collect their orders during their stay. 
  • Special circumstances and exceptions: Some customers within the "Rest of the World" zone may choose to create pickup appointments and use a proxy or a third-party shipping service to collect their order. Allowing local pickup accommodates various situations and provides a solution for these customers.

Overall, adding the local pickup feature to several shipping zones can significantly boost your store's success and customer retention.

Why offer local pickup alongside (or instead of) shipping options?

Every customer has unique preferences when it comes to shipping. Some customers prefer their orders to be delivered to them, while others prioritize picking up their orders themselves. Here are some reasons to consider offering local pickup:

  • Customer preferences: Local pickup provides customers with an additional option for receiving their orders. Some customers prefer the convenience and flexibility of picking up their purchases at a designated location rather than waiting for delivery. By offering local pickup, you cater to these customers' preferences, enhancing their overall shopping experience.
  • Immediate availability: With the local pickup option, customers can access their purchases immediately (or at least within a short time frame) after placing an order. This is particularly valuable for customers who need the products urgently or don't want to wait for delivery.
  • Expanded customer base: Local pickup can attract customers who are located outside your store's usual delivery area but still want to order from your business. For instance, if you don't ship to certain regions or the shipping costs to a specific area are high, customers who work or visit places near your physical location might choose to purchase from your website and pick up their orders from your store.

Increase conversions by showing shipping options on the product page

Once you've completed the steps in this tutorial, you'll have enabled local pickup/click and collect on your WooCommerce store. But how will your customers know that your store offers a local pickup option? 

By default, WooCommerce only shows the local pickup option on the cart and/or checkout page, which means that customers must add products to their cart and head to the checkout page to find out about your store's shipping options.

However, this approach isn't ideal and can cost your business a lot of money.

According to research by Baymard, a top user experience (UX) research institute, 64% of shoppers searched for shipping costs while on the product page. At the same time, a whopping 43% of websites don't show the shipping methods and fees on the product page!

The option to show shipping costs on the product page isn't built into WooCommerce by default. So, how can you add this feature to your website?

The solution is to install the WooCommerce Shipping Calculator plugin. This is a handy plugin add-on that lets you display the local pickup option on your store's product pages. Customers need to enter their address in the shipping calculator, and it will show them all the available shipping methods and fees, including local pickup.

This makes it easy for customers to evaluate the delivery timeframes and costs and choose the shipping option that best suits their needs without navigating to the checkout page. 

Here's a screenshot of how the shipping calculator looks on the product page of a WooCommerce store: 

Add shipping tab to WooCommerce product page

Benefits of showing local pickup and shipping options on the product page

  • Increased conversion rates Customers tend to consider the available shipping methods and fees before placing an order from an online store. Some customers won't even bother to add products to their cart without knowing the shipping options for their location. Being upfront with your store's shipping options and costs encourages customers to complete their purchases, increasing your conversion rates.
  • Reduced cart abandonment Unexpected shipping costs and unavailable shipping methods are among the leading causes of cart abandonment. By providing shipping details upfront, WooCommerce Shipping Calculator eliminates surprises and reduces the likelihood of customers abandoning their carts.
  • Streamlined user experience Adding the local pickup option and other shipping options to the product page enhances your site's user experience. Customers can immediately see shipping options, including if local pickup is available for a specific product. This saves them from having to add it to their cart and navigating multiple pages to check for shipping options. 

Setup instructions

Configuring the WooCommerce Shipping Calculator plugin takes around two minutes, even if you're a WordPress or WooCommerce beginner. Here's a walkthrough of the steps to follow:

  1. Purchase the plugin and save the plugin files onto your computer.
  2. Sign into your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin.
  3. Click on the "Choose File" button. Select the plugin ZIP files that you saved to your computer.
  4. Click on Install → Activate.
  5. The plugin's setup wizard automatically opens up. Type your license key in the wizard.
  6. Next, choose where you want the shipping calculator displayed on your store's product page. There are 16+ locations for you to choose from, for example, above the price, above the product meta information, below the product image, etc.
  7. Click on the "Save changes" button.

You're all set! You have successfully installed and configured the WooCommerce Shipping Calculator plugin. 

Visit one of the product pages on the front end of your store to check out the shipping calculator. Also, you can test out how the shipping calculator looks in various locations on your store's product pages.

What sort of WooCommerce stores should offer local pickup?

Offering a local pickup option boosts sales, enhances the shopping experience, allows for personalized interactions, and reduces shipping fees, among other benefits. 

Now, you might be wondering, what sort of WooCommerce stores need a local pickup option? To help you decide whether local pickup is suitable for your store, here are a few examples of stores that are well-suited for local pickup. These show that local pickup is a valuable shipping method that works for a wide range of WooCommerce stores. Read through these, then consider your shipping options and how local pickup can benefit your own store. 


  • Furniture stores:Furniture is often bulky and expensive to ship. By offering local pickup, furniture sites can allow customers to inspect the items before taking them home, eliminating the risk of damage during transit.
  • Farmers' markets:Local pickup is a perfect fit for farmers' markets as it aligns with the idea of supporting local produce. Customers can conveniently order fresh produce, meat, and other products online and pick them up from a designated location.
  • Specialty stores:Specialty stores typically sell unique or niche items such as gourmet foods, handmade goods, artisanal products, etc. Because these products are usually difficult to find, many customers prefer to collect them personally.
  • Event venues:Venues that sell tickets and merchandise online, such as concert halls, theaters, or sports arenas, can provide local pickup as an option and send an email notification to confirm the booking. This allows customers to avoid long queues or the hassles of last-minute ticket purchases.
  • Brewery or winery:Craft beer and wine are increasingly popular among customers. Breweries and wineries can take advantage of this trend and let customers order online and let them know when their beverages are ready for pickup from their physical location. This gives customers a unique and highly-coveted experience, in addition to purchases of their favorite drinks.
  • Art galleries:Art can be fragile and expensive and typically needs to be handled with care. Local pickup allows galleries to avoid the risks of shipping fragile or valuable items.
  • Electronics stores:Electronics stores can add local pickup for shoppers who can't wait to get their hands on the latest gadgets. Customers can order online and pick up their purchases during regular business hours without waiting for shipping.
  • Grocery stores:Like farmers' markets, local grocery stores can let customers shop online and pick up their groceries at a convenient time.
  • Bakery and pastry shops:Many customers prefer to order cakes or pastries online and pick them up at a specified time, especially for a surprise celebration. This ensures freshness and reduces the risk of the items getting damaged during shipping.
  • Clothing boutiques:Boutiques can offer local pickup as a shipping alternative for customers who prefer trying on clothes before making a purchase.
  • Pet supply stores:Pet parents usually have specific preferences for their pets. The option of placing online orders and picking up the food, toys, treats, accessories, and other items locally allows them to restock their supplies quickly.
  • Home improvement stores:Like furniture, items needed for home renovations and projects are usually heavy and expensive to ship. Offering local pickup allows customers to easily collect their orders instead of paying costly shipping fees.

Ready to add WooCommerce local pickup to your store?

If your business has a physical location, then you should think about offering a local pickup option to customers. WooCommerce local pickup can reduce shipping costs while increasing sales and enhancing customers' perception of your brand. 

And once you've set up local pickup, consider adding a shipping calculator to showcase the option on your store's product pages and let customers know that they can collect their orders from a physical location. 

WooCommerce Shipping Calculator shows customers all the available shipping methods, including local pickup, before they add products to the cart. This ensures that your customers have a smooth shopping experience from start to finish. That's why it's the best WooCommerce shipping plugin.

Do you have any questions about setting up WooCommerce local pickup options? Tell us in the comments below!

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