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Are you currently taking wholesale orders manually, or does your wholesale area look the same as your public shop? Stop missing out today! Love it or your money back.

WooCommerce wholesale pricing
  • Create unlimited wholesale roles, each with their own pricing
  • Set global or category percentage discounts
  • Add wholesale prices for individual products
  • Allow wholesale buyers to register
  • Choose whether to hold new accounts for moderation or allow instant access
  • Add wholesale users manually or quickly convert existing customer accounts
WooCommerce wholesale login form with moderation
  • Buy WooCommerce Wholesale Pro with our WooCommerce Product Table plugin and get quick wholesale order forms
  • Bulk buying interface designed for wholesale
  • Maximizes your wholesale revenue

What Our Customers Say

The best WooCommerce wholesale plugin

Wholesale is now a reality for our retailers. Wholesale Pro is the solution for wholesale - no question. Looks great. Works great. So easy to use. Our retailers love it because it makes ordering so much easier for them. If I could give 10 stars, I would!

WooCommerce wholesale plugin user John Garrett - United States

Unlike 5 other plugins I tested, Barn2's wholesale plugin truly exceeded my expectations. It stood out for its seamless functionality, user-friendly interface, and unmatched speed. It effortlessly handled complex pricing structures and bulk orders.

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro customer review Tom Coady - UK

Rated 4.98 out of 5 stars

Packed with Features. Everything You'll Ever Need!

We consulted with 100's of wholesale stores to design the ultimate WooCommerce wholesale solution

Knowledge Base

3 Pricing Options

Flexible wholesale pricing - set wholesale prices per role with global or category discounts, or product-specific prices.


Unlimited Wholesale Roles

Create unlimited wholesale roles, each with its own unique wholesale discounts. Easily add users to each role.

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Wholesale Registration

Customizable wholesale registration form, with emails and moderation option for approving new accounts.

Plugin Support

Wholesale Visibility

Control who sees each part of your store: show and hide product categories, taxes, coupons, payment & shipping options.

Plugin Support

Wholesale Order Forms

Buy WooCommerce Wholesale Pro with WooCommerce Product Table and get purpose-built one-page order forms.

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Keep Your Public Shop

You can create a wholesale-only store, or run a private wholesale store alongside your existing public shop.

WordPress plugin features

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Features

Our WooCommerce wholesale plugin has dozens of features and we’re constantly adding new ones in response to our customers’ feedback. Combine them in 100’s of different ways to create a unique wholesale store designed around your needs.

Click through our full list of features below!

With the plugin's flexibility and the wonderfully hands on, prompt customer service, any obstacles were easily handled and the site came out wonderfully. It matched my expectations of functionality and surpassed my expectations of ease of use.

Will Buchanan - WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin review Will Buchanan Broadsheet Coffee - United States

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Two Plugin Bundle

Wholesale Pro + Product Table

A complete wholesale package, together with one-page quick order forms designed for wholesale users.

WooCommerce wholesale order form plugin
  • Wholesale user roles & registration
    Add unlimited wholesale roles, plus wholesale registration (with or without moderation)
  • Flexible pricing options
    Global, category or product discounts
  • Wholesale visibility options
    Control access to product categories, payment and shipping methods, taxes and coupons
  • Order form layout
    Instead of a quick order form, your wholesale store will look like the rest of the shop (with the correct wholesale prices, of course)

$ 149 (save $49)

One Plugin

Wholesale Pro

A fully featured wholesale solution for WooCommerce, but without optimized wholesale order forms.

WooCommerce wholesale prices plugin
  • Wholesale user roles & registration
    Add unlimited wholesale roles, plus wholesale registration (with or without moderation)
  • Flexible pricing options
    Global, category or product discounts
  • Wholesale visibility options
    Control access to product categories, payment and shipping methods, taxes and coupons
  • Order form layout
    Instead of a quick order form, your wholesale store will look like the rest of the shop (with the correct wholesale prices, of course)

$ 99

Billed annually, unless marked as lifetime. If you let an annual license expire then you can keep using the plugin but won’t receive any more updates, new features or support. Lifetime licenses include lifetime updates and support. You can upgrade your license at any time.

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Do I need WooCommerce Product Table, or just WooCommerce Wholesale Pro?

To cater for stores with all budgets and requirements, our WooCommerce wholesale plugin is available as a choice of 2 options:

  1. Buy WooCommerce Wholesale Pro with our WooCommerce Product Table plugin for the full range of wholesale features (recommended), or;
  2. Buy WooCommerce Wholesale Pro alone and get the wholesale registration, user roles, pricing and product visibility - without the one-page wholesale order forms which are part of WooCommerce Product Table.

If you want to optimize the buying experience for your wholesale users then we strongly recommend WooCommerce Product Table, or if you just want to be able to set wholesale prices then you can buy WooCommerce Wholesale Pro alone.

Most people use the order form layout in the wholesale area, while keeping the original layout in the public shop. If you prefer, you can enable the order form layout globally to speed up shopping for non-wholesale users too!

Will public and wholesale customers see the same products?

It's up to you! You can sell the same products to public and wholesale users (with different pricing for each role); or you can mark categories as 'Public Only' or 'Wholesale Only' so that only specific people can see them.

Can I hide the prices and 'Add to cart' buttons from non-wholesale users?

Some WooCommerce wholesale-only stores choose to display their full product range to everyone, but only show prices and buy buttons to logged in wholesale users. WooCommerce Wholesale Pro has a 'Hide Price Until Login' feature which lets you put the store into catalog-only mode for public visitors and guests. You can hide prices for all products, or for products in specific categories only.

That way, everyone can browse your products, but only logged in wholesalers can see the prices or make a purchase.

You can either just hide prices and buy buttons from guests, or you can display alternate content on the page. For example, you might add a message such as "Login to view prices and place an order".

If you prefer, you can use the plugin's visibility options to completely hide your products from public view.

Does the wholesale pricing work with variable products?

Absolutely - WooCommerce Wholesale Pro fully supports variable products.

If you set a percentage role-based wholesale discount for a particularly category or across your whole store, then this will apply to product variations as well as all other product types. If you choose to set exact wholesale prices for each product then you can set an exact price for each wholesale role per variation.

Does it support user-specific pricing?

When you use WooCommerce Wholesale Pro on its own, you can charge unique prices per user by creating a unique role for that user, setting up the pricing as needed, and assigning them to it.

For a more elegant solution, we recommend using WooCommerce Wholesale Pro with our WooCommerce Discount Manager plugin. This lets you create additional discounts and select one or more individual user accounts that they will be used on.

Can I hide the public shop from wholesale buyers?

Yes - when a wholesale user logs into their account, any links to the main public Shop page will be hidden. Instead, WooCommerce Wholesale Pro creates a 'Wholesale Store' page which lists your wholesale products in the appropriate layout. You can add this to the navigation menu and only logged in wholesale customers will be able to see it.

If you're using the order form layout then wholesale users will always see the products displayed in this way, for example if they visit a category page.

If you have products which are only available to public customers, then you can set specific categories to 'Public Only' so that they will be hidden from wholesale users.

How do I set bulk discounts for wholesale users?

Used alone, WooCommerce Wholesale Pro lets you set percentage discounts or product-specific pricing for each wholesale role. The same prices are charged regardless of the quantity ordered.

You can use it with our WooCommerce Discount Manager plugin to add quantity-based tiered discounts for your wholesale roles. This lets you add as many bulk pricing levels as you like, and display them in a neat table on product pages to encourage wholesale users to buy more.

Can I set a minimum quantity or order value for wholesale buyers?

Some wholesale stores set minimum quantities or spend values for their B2B customers. You can do this by using WooCommerce Wholesale Pro with our other plugin, WooCommerce Quantity Manager.

This lets you set min/max quantity rules and spend values, either globally or for specific products, categories or variations. You can also use it to set quantity increments and step values - for example, for products that can only be bought in certain groupings.

You can set up these quantity rules for all your customers, or enable them for the wholesale roles only.

Can I sell customer-specific products?

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro lets you set each product category to Public Only, Wholesale Only, or Both. For more fine-grained control, you can use it with our other plugin - WooCommerce Protected Categories.

WooCommerce Protected Categories lets you restrict each product category to specific users or roles. For example, it's perfect if you need to:

  • Sell unique products (e.g. branded workwear) to each customer, which no other customers can see.
  • Sell different products to different groups of wholesale users.

Can I have different payment and shipping methods in the wholesale area?

Yes - WooCommerce Wholesale Pro lets you select exactly which role(s) can access each payment and shipping method in your store. For example:

  • You might want to offer Stripe credit card payments to all users; PayPal to normal customers and guests only; and a pay later/invoice option to your most trusted wholesale users only.
  • You might want to offer flat rate shipping to everyone; a local pickup option for all wholesale roles; plus free shipping as an added bonus for your Gold or Elite wholesale role.

Tip: WooCommerce Wholesale Pro works with other shipping plugins such as Table Rate Shipping. We recommend using this if you want to offer weight-based shipping to wholesalers.

Can I disable taxes and coupons for wholesale users?

Yes - if taxes are enabled in your public store then you can disable them for any or all of your wholesale roles. You can also disable coupon codes and hide the coupon field for wholesale users.

Can I import wholesale prices to my store in bulk?

If you are importing products to your store - e.g. from CSV or XML - then you will probably want to import the wholesale prices at the same time. The easiest way to do this is to set the wholesale discounts globally or per category. That way, the correct discounts will be applied for the new products automatically.

It is also possible to import exact wholesale prices to individual products. This is a bit more complicated, so please read our knowledge base article for guidance.

How do I manage wholesale orders?

Orders from wholesale users appear in the 'Orders' page of WooCommerce alongside your orders from regular customers. You can either manage all the orders together, or filter by retail or wholesale to view them separately.

It's also easy to create manual wholesale orders on behalf of your users, for example of you accept phone orders. When you create a manual order in WooCommerce and select a user with a wholesale role, the correct price for their role will be used automatically.

Will it work with my theme & other plugins?

We have tested our WooCommerce wholesale plugins with a range of free and premium themes and are confident it will look great with your theme. Our plugin support includes helping with theme-related conflicts.

The wholesale registration form and login page will match the styling of the default WooCommerce registration form and login page.

If you buy WooCommerce Wholesale Pro with WooCommerce Product Table, then the order form styling will be inherited from your theme by default. You can override this using the styling options on the plugin settings page.

It is fully compatible with all Barn2 plugins, and most plugins from other companies. If in doubt, you can buy the plugin and test it risk-free, as you can get a refund within the first 30 days if it doesn't work with your theme or other plugins in the way you are hoping.

What are the purchase options?

Clicking the Buy button above will take you to the purchase options. You can choose either a Lifetime or Annual software license.

  • Lifetime licenses never expire. It's a one-time payment which includes all future plugin updates, new features and support, forever.
  • Annual licenses are renewed once a year. As long as you have an active license, you will receive support, plugin updates and new features. If your license ever expires then you can continue using the plugin, but won't receive any further updates or support.

You can also choose the number of sites that you can use the plugin on.

Does it work in my language?

Our wholesale plugins are designed to work with any WordPress translation plugin such as WPML, WeGlot and TranslatePress . This makes it easy for you to translate the plugin text into any language and use it on multilingual websites. It also supports right-to-left (RTL) languages.

If you buy the wholesale bundle then the wholesale order forms come with translations for English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Hebrew.

What are the minimum requirements for running the plugin?

WooCommerce Multiple Email Recipients is fully tested with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce. We always recommend running the most up-to-date version, but we also support older installations:

  • WooCommerce 7.2 or greater (tested to 9.1.2)
  • WordPress 6.1 or greater (tested to 6.5.5)
  • PHP 7.4 or greater (tested to 8.2.20)
  • MySQL 5.7.8 or greater / MariaDB 10.3 or greater

Current version

Last updated:26 Jun 2024


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