New to WooCommerce Wholesale Pro: Disable taxes, coupons, and add role-based payments & shipping

Our WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin has become hugely popular since it launched a couple of months ago. Today we've released version 1.3, which has lots of exciting new features that our customers have asked for.

B2B trade buyers have completely different needs from retail consumers. When you create a WooCommerce wholesale store, it is therefore essential to configure the trade area according to your buyers' needs. For example:

  • WooCommerce wholesale plugin 1-3Since B2B customers are normally registered companies, you might want to disable taxes for some or all of your wholesale users - while still charging tax to public customers.
  • WooCommerce wholesale stores don't tend to offer sales and discounts to trade users, so you might want to remove the coupon code field from the checkout for trade buyers only.
  • As regular customers, your wholesale buyers might benefit from extra payment options that you don't offer to public shoppers. For example, you might allow wholesale users to pay later by invoice or BACS, instead of having to pay when they place their order.
  • Wholesale users often buy in bulk, so you might want to offer different shipping methods that aren't available to public customers. For example, perhaps you're using the Product Shipping plugin to offer weight-based shipping - but only want these options to appear to wholesale users.

Version 1.3 of WooCommerce Wholesale Pro has all these features. Use them to customize your private wholesale area so that B2B and B2C users receive an even more tailored experience.


  1. It seems great in a blog post, but you need to say that it only works with english currency format. Other than that, like brazilian, prices won't work well and support don't know how to solve.

    • Hi, Leticia. Thanks for your feedback. Our plugin will display prices in the same currency options that you save in the WooCommerce settings, regardless of being in English/metric or Brazilian format.

      We've replied to your support request and believe the issue you're experiencing is due to the WooCommerce currency options/settings being out of sync with the currency format that was used in your product prices. I.e. You must first change the WooCommerce thousands separator to use a decimal point BEFORE saving your product prices as using a decimal point for the thousands separator. If these settings are out of sync, then the price amounts/values will be in error and won't be properly read or displayed.

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