WooCommerce Table plugin update - You can now add multiple products to the cart

WooCommerce Product Table Plugin

Our bestselling WooCommerce table plugin has yet another new feature! The new version of WooCommerce Product Table lets your customers select multiple products in the table and add them to the cart. All in a single click!

Whether you need a WooCommerce order form, online food ordering system for a restaurant or any other type of product table, multiple add to cart is a great idea.

Read our full tutorial: How to select and add multiple products to the WooCommerce cart from one page.

Didn't the WooCommerce table plugin already have Add to Cart buttons?

Yes. Previously, your WooCommerce tables could include an 'Add to Cart' column. Each row of the table had a separate Add to Cart button for each product.

This was very popular, but could be time-consuming for customers wanting to buy lots of products. Quite a few of our WooCommerce Product Table customers have requested a multiple add to cart feature. They wanted to select multiple products and add them to the cart at the same time.

Now you can do this too.

WooCommerce table plugin

How do the multiple add to cart boxes work?

If you activate the new multiple add to cart boxes in your WooCommerce table then a check box will appear alongside each product. It will be added to the 'Add to Cart' column for each product.

Customers can tick as many products as they like. Once they've ticked them all, they can click 'Add Selected to Cart' to add them all to their WooCommerce shopping basket.

Depending on your WooCommerce settings, a success message will appear at the top of the page. Customers can click to view their cart and check out as usual. (All this is handled by WooCommerce - all the WooCommerce table does is control how products are displayed and added to the cart.)

You might be using plugin to change your Add to Cart behaviour such as Ajax Add to Cart. If so, it will work for your multiple add to cart button as well as the other buttons in your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Table Multiple Add to Cart Plugin

Can customers select variations from the WooCommerce table?

Absolutely - we added support for variable products in a previous release of the WooCommerce table plugin. Customers can use the multiple add to cart option to buy simple or variable WooCommerce products.

If you activate the variations option in the product table then each variation appears as a dropdown in the Add to Cart column. Customers can choose their variations, view the correct price, tick the check box and use the 'Add Selected to Cart' button above the table.

If you need other types of option, then you can also use WooCommerce Product Table with the official Product Options plugin.

Does my product table have to use the new multiple add to cart?

No. Your WooCommerce table can work in any of these ways:

  • You can have a check box alongside each product with an 'Add Selected to Cart' button above the WooCommerce table.
  • If you prefer, you can have an 'Add to Cart' button next to each product (as it was before).
  • Alternatively the table can have both the check box, multi add to cart AND individual Add to Cart button for each product!
  • Instead of an add to cart column, you can display a custom field in the WooCommerce table. You can add a link or button to the custom field for each column, instead of the default add to cart button. (e.g. you could use this to add a 'Request Quote' button linking to a page with contact form.)
  • You don't have to have an add to cart column at all.

The WooCommerce table plugin really is that flexible!

How can I add multiple add to cart boxes to my WooCommerce table?

You can find full instructions in the WooCommerce Product Table knowledge base. The 'Add to Cart' option lets you choose whether to display the new check boxes, buttons or both. This only works if you're displaying the add-to-cart column in your WooCommerce table.

Read our full tutorial: How to select and add multiple products to the WooCommerce cart from one page.

Where can I test the product table?

You can see the new multiple add to cart feature in action on the WooCommerce Product List Demo Site. The main demo features a product table with both Add to Cart options active.

Browse around this site to see the different combinations. This will show you the flexibility of the WooCommerce table plugin before you buy.

Where can I get the WooCommerce Product Table plugin?

Our bestselling WooCommerce table plugin is available on the Barn2 Media website. Get it today - your product tables can be up and running in minutes.

And if you want to earn money for recommending the plugin to others, check out our WordPress plugin affiliate scheme.


    • I believe that Woo Multistore is basically a way of managing your products across a multisite. WooCommerce Product Table works on a multisite and you will need a separate license key for each sub-site. (Please see our multi-site licenses for discounts on the additional sites.) We haven't tested with Woo Multistore and I don't know whether WooCommerce Product Table will be able to display products that are stored centrally - it might only be able to display products that are stored in the 'Products' section of the WordPress admin for each individual site. If you try it and it doesn't work as you are hoping then we offer a full 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free.

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