Examples of real-life e-commerce websites showing product dispatch times

WooCommerce dispatch time plugin

Since building WooCommerce Lead Time - the first ever WordPress plugin to show product dispatch times on the product page - we've been researching how different ecommerce stores display this information. We're sharing this with you so that you can show product dispatch times on your own WooCommerce site.

Keep reading for a sneak peek at how some high profile sites are displaying dispatch times. This can be a fantastic way to get inspiration for your own site!

1. Etsy handmade and personalised products

Etsy's expected dispatch time for products

Etsy brings together independent sellers and craftspeople from all over the world. The items are typically handmade or made to order, so Etsy displays a dispatch time on the product page. This provides clear information on how long the customer can expect to wait for their order.

Etsy show the estimated dispatch time alongside the other product information, close to the add to basket button. They use the wording 'Ready for dispatch in...', which is generic enough to work for the wide range of products on Etsy.

If you sell a wide range of e-commerce products on your WordPress site, then this wording could work for you too.

2. Made.com non-stock furniture

Ecommerce product lead time on Made.com

Furniture store Made.com sells furniture with varying lead times. They display the dispatch time immediately above the add to basket button on the product page. This makes it clear how long the customer should expect to wait, so they can make an informed decision on whether to place an order.

3. Personalized products on Amazon

Amazon personalized product with dispatch time

Amazon sells just about everything under the sun, including personalized products with longer lead times. Marketplace sellers can choose to display lead times on their products.

The extra information appears with the stock status, making it clear that there is a processing time on top of the delivery time. Wording such as "Usually takes between 1 and 2 days to create" reassures the customer that the product is genuinely personalized to order, while letting them know the expected dispatch time.

Add dispatch times to your own WooCommerce products!

I hope these examples provide some new ideas on displaying WooCommerce dispatch times for your own products! To add the same information to your own site, get the WooCommerce Lead Time plugin today.

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