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WooCommerce quantity discount plugin product table

Lots of people ask us which WooCommerce bulk discount plugins work with our Product Table and Quick View plugins. Discover WooCommerce Discount Manager, which works beautifully with WooCommerce Product Table and WooCommerce Quick View Pro.

In this tutorial, we'll explain how you can use bulk discounts and dynamic pricing with your own product tables and quick view popups on your WordPress site. You can also see a product table with WooCommerce Discount Manager in action on our demo page.

Alternatively, check out our full tutorial on how to create WooCommerce bulk discounts.

Introducing WooCommerce Discount Manager

WooCommerce Discount Manager add discount type

WooCommerce Discount Manager lets you create bulk discounts based on a minimum and maximum quantity for specific products, across your entire WooCommerce store, or for specific categories or even specific products. It's an incredibly advanced WooCommerce discount plugin and you can use simple or advanced logic to create sophisticated pricing rules. You can create multiple prices per WooCommerce product based on a wide range of discount rules and logic.

How it works with WooCommerce Product Table

If you're using WooCommerce Discount Manager on your WordPress site, then customers can choose a quantity from the product table and click the Add to Cart button. When they click through to the cart and checkout page, the correct quantity based pricing discount will be applied based on the quantity ordered.

If your product table page has a sidebar, then you can add the WooCommerce Cart widget. When people add products to the cart, the correct volume discount or quantity discount will be shown in the Cart widget on your WooCommerce store. This reassures customers that the volume discounts are working.

If there's no Cart widget on the page, then customers can see the cart discount when they click through to the cart and checkout.

The 'Price' column in the product table will always show the price for a single item. See below for some suggestions on how you can display available bulk discounts in the product table.

How it works with WooCommerce Quick View Pro

If you're using the Discount Manager dynamic pricing plugin with WooCommerce Quick View Pro, then the correct discounted price will appear in the quick view lightbox.

Can I show the bulk discount prices in the product table?

If your product table includes a product Price column then this will always show the product price for 1 item. This applies whichever bulk discount or dynamic pricing plugin you use - the Price column never changes.

When you create a discount, you can add some text to be displayed about the deal, and/or enable a tiererd pricing table. These always appear on the single product page (and in the WooCommerce Quick View Pro lightbox), and you can also display them in a special discount_content column of the product table like this:

WooCommerce Discount Manager with Product Table

Where to get the plugins

As you can see, WooCommerce Discount Manager works beautifully with the product table layout. It also works nicely with WooCommerce Quick View Pro if you want to show the discounted prices in a quick view lightbox on your WordPress site.


  1. Need discount plugin (Woocommerce): Buy X amount items in category A and get fixed price of X amount items in category B. Only same amounts of fixed prices as bought in category A. We sell eyewear and a customer need “Lenses” and a “Frame”. If customer buy “Lenses” the get the “Frame” cheaper, then just buying the “Frame” without the “Lenses”.?

    • Hi Dan, the Dynamic Pricing extension has the most complex logic that I have seen and allows you to create some pretty advanced rules. However, I'm not an expert in it and recommend that you reach out to support to ask them if it will let you do exactly what you have described.

  2. Hi Katie.
    It would be so thankful if you can provide the table field name for WooCommerce Bulk Discount.
    Best Jae

    • Unfortunately the Bulk Discount plugin doesn't include a field showing the discount that can automatically be shown in the product table. This is because the discounts are generated dynamically based on the main product price. For a suggested workaround, please see the 3rd paragraph of the 'Can I show the bulk discount prices in the product table?' section of this tutorial. Alternatively, if you switch to the Dynamic Pricing and Discounts for WooCommerce plugin, then you can automatically show the available discounts in the add to cart column.

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